Escape Christmas crowds at a relaxing spa break

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Posted by Sarah

If you were one of the brave people that ventured out to the shops last weekend, I congratulate you! I ventured into just two major high street retailers on Saturday morning and was so overwhelmed by the crush of people trying to snap up the credit crunch bargains that I’m ashamed to say I had to retire home and curl up on the sofa with a nice cup of tea.

The tea worked in the short term, but what I really wanted was a wonderful day at the spa to recover from Christmas chaos. I have to admit, I’m no expert on spas but I absolutely adore them. My first spa experience was just this year – I had an “invigorating back massage” at a spa in London – and I was really astounded by how relaxed it made me feel.

At first, I was a little nervous about being so unclothed in front of a stranger, but the awkwardness soon dissipated after the massage started. Some of my companions that day diversified a little – one had a facial, while another had an Indian head massage. The next time I visit a spa, I think I’ll definitely go for the latter; I had an Indian head massage once when I was backpacking in India as a student and I’d love for those memories to come flooding back.

If you haven’t experienced the wonders of a spa break yet, I’d heartily recommend that you do so – I’m already looking forward to my next experience. So generous family members and friends, if you’re reading and you haven’t bought me a Christmas present yet. . .

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