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Liverpool has always had its own distinctive character, inspired by diverse cultures and is rightly famous for producing musicians, artists, poets and the legendary Scouse humour. But in recent years, Liverpool has turned itself into one of the UK’s hippest cities. The gritty, post-industrial inner city lends itself well to modern urban chic and you can’t move these days for micro-breweries, hip restaurants and trendy cafes. With such an abundance of choice, take some tips from a native and try out some of these top places to eat (and drink) in The Pool.

For: Scouse – Fodder Canteen

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Liverpool’s culinary gift to the world is an old sailor’s dish typically made up from the week’s leftover food (meat, potatoes and veg) all stewed up together. Usually served with crusty bread and red cabbage or beetroot, Fodder Canteen offer all-you-can-eat Scouse for just £9 with unlimited tea and coffee!

For: Street Food – Baltic Market

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Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle is currently the hippest place to be in the city and the Baltic Market sits right in the middle. The site of the old Cain’s brewery has been transformed into a vintage market surrounded by street food stalls and craft beer bars. There’s even an ultra-hip cycling café that serves amazing sandwiches. Try the “BALT” – Bacon, Avocado, Lettuce & Tomato. Or head to the main market (get there early to nab a seat) for wood-fired pizzas, falafel and Indian street food. Amazing!

For: Craft Beer – Dead Crafty Beer Company

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Liverpool has gone for craft beer in a big way. The Ship & Mitre was always the city’s number one real ale haven but a competitor has sprung up just across the road. The Dead Crafty Beer Company serves an enormous range of craft beers including more than a dozen draught beers and a fridge bulging with craft cans. Prepare yourself for high ABV’s and bold flavours!

For: Burgers – Free State Kitchen

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With a tiny sign above the door, FSK is easy to miss being on a side street just off Hope Street but you’ll be rewarded for going off the beaten track with some amazing burgers in a shabby-chic setting (FSK’s garden is a real hidden gem for the summer months). It’s hard to recommend a burger (or a “handheld”) but you can’t go wrong with a Barbecue Cheeseburger – Applewood Smoked Cheddar, barbecue sauce, caramelised onions and baconnaise with Rosemary salted fries for a tenner.

For: Gin – Jenever

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Possibly even hotter than craft beer at the moment, gin seems to be the in thing to drink right now and Liverpool, as always, is leading the vanguard. Jenever on Hope Street is a contemporary gin bar with over 120 types of gin for connoisseurs of “Mother’s Ruin” to explore. You’ve got to try a Liverpool Gin, a highly distinctive, aromatic gin produced in Kirkdale. Jenever recommends Valencian Orange “a blend of organic botanicals with zesty citrus notes” – sounds amazing!

For: Sunday Roasts – Camp & Furnace

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For a truly alternative take on the traditional Sunday roast, head to Camp & Furnace in the Baltic Triangle. Booking ahead is strongly recommended for this communal “event” dining experience. Organic chickens and joints of sirloin, lamb or pork are dispatched from the kitchen un-carved accompanied by Yorkshire puds, roasties and veg and diners help themselves. If you’re not full after that, tuck into a Giant Sticky Toffee Pudding with custard! Camp & Furnace is about much more than just food, it’s an event space and music & comedy venue too – Bongo’s Bingo is absolutely legendary!

For: Artisan Cuisine – The Moon & Pea

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Set in the heart of Liverpool’s student district, Lark Lane has always had a style of its own but these days it is particularly trendy being full of cafes, delis and hip bars. The Moon & Pea is a small bistro and deli which serves freshly cooked, traditional food all day long. If you’re there for breakfast grab an Eggs Brightside (scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and a grilled tomato) or try a homemade burger with chips and dips for lunch or dinner.

For: Pizza – Santa Maluco Rodizio Pizzeria

A Brazilian restaurant that specializes in all-you-can-eat pizza based on unusual toppings (there are even dessert pizzas!) Try a Portuguesa with ham, onions, hard-boiled eggs & olives or a What The Duck? with shredded duck, spring onions, cucumber & char siu.

For: Fine Dining – Panoramic 34

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It’s not all Scouse and chip butties in Liverpool you know, Panoramic 34 is posh, posh, posh! Recently named as the best restaurant in the city, it is located on the 34th floor of Liverpool’s tallest building so offers amazing views to complement their constantly evolving fine dining menu. Why not treat yourself to a luxury afternoon tea with finger sandwiches and champagne at 300 feet up.

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