The Wild Atlantic Way Adventure Part 2: Sligo

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If you haven’t yet read about Part 1 of my Wild Atlantic Way Adventure – where have you been?! Check it out and then read on to find out about what I got up to on the second half of my Wild Atlantic Way trip, as I travelled through the county of Sligo.


Mullagmore Beach

After exploring the coast of Donegal we made our way to the next county of Sligo, the surfing mecca of Ireland! The surfing is so good in Sligo, Lonely Planet recently shortlisted it as one of the top 10 surfing destinations in the world! Despite the freezing waters, surfers come to Sligo from all over the world to ride the Wild Atlantic Way waves. Mullagmore beach is one of the famous surfing hotspots, which we visited for a walk along the sand. At the start of our walk the lighting was perfect, but unluckily we got caught in a wind and rain blizzard. We went from bright sunshine to downpour in minutes. The weather is very unpredictable on the Wild Atlantic Way!

Getting a perfect shot just before the weather turned!
Getting a perfect shot just before the weather turned!

Horse Riding in Moneygold

I travelled further south again to Moneygold near Sligo town on the final day of the trip. We went horse riding on the beach with Island View Riding Stables which was definitely the highlight of the week for me! Having done some riding when I was younger, I was really excited to get ‘back in the saddle’ and see if I could remember what I learnt as a kid. That was – until I was told my horse, Big Ted,  had a tendency to roll in the sand!

Ireland Fam Trip 145
Getting kitted up at the Island View Stables, Moneygold

The stables were located about 10 minutes from a long sandy beach with the wild Atlantic wind and waves crashing in. By the time we had to retrace our steps along the beach, the tide was almost fully in, so the horses waded through the water, taking us with them! It was such a strange but exciting experience which was totally invigorating. And luckily I managed to keep ‘Big Ted’ from taking a sand bath.

Sligo Town

We spent the last night of our trip in Sligo Town, which is a lovely hub of a place with the river Garavogue running right through the city centre. Either side of the river were very wide riverside pavements which reminded me Amsterdam’s canal ways. Bars and restaurants lined the riverside and made for a fantastic evening atmosphere. Having spent the past week on a very rural route, it was nice to be amongst the buzz of a town again. We made our way to a seafood restaurant in Rosses Point for the last supper and despite being knackered from my adventure week, we visited a traditional local pub for one last Guinness and a last bit of live music.


One of the reasons why I love travelling is finding myself in a place I would never have thought of visiting, that I end up falling in love with. The Wild Atlantic Way is a perfect example of this. Before this trip, I had never given North West Ireland a second thought as a short break destination. But with incredible scenery, friendly locals, cosy traditional pubs, adventure activities, beautiful beaches and the freshest sea air on the plant, Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way is a hidden gem. I thoroughly recommend you get out there and experience it before the secret is out!

What did you think of my Wild Atlantic Way adventure? Are you planning a trip there yourself? Let us know in the comments section below!

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