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To the world famous London Waldorf Hotel – lured by the prospect of a seeing two of the world’s finest exponents of the Tango, Flavia Cacace and Vincent Simone, performing numbers from their forthcoming West End show “DANCE ‘TIL DAWN” that will be opening at the Aldwych Theatre next month for a strictly limited ten week run.


And boy did they perform, raising the temperature at the Waldorf to Buenos Aires levels with their breathtakingly sinuous twists and turns.  Seeing the Tango executed at this level of dexterity, it was easy to imagine how the likes of Messi, Di Maria and Serge Aguero must have absorbed their own version of Argentinean fancy footwork at their parents’ knees…  and then it was the Brits turn to take to the floor!


We had been promised a “surprise,” and we were expecting the arrival of another celebrity performer, but instead we were herded onto the dance floor for our own Tango lesson with Flavia and Vincent.  Some were born graceful, others have gracefulness thrust upon them –and some of us resist it with every fibre of our beings.  Yet such was the skill and patience of our teachers that by the end of our session I was wheeling around like a natural born gaucho fresh in from the Pampas.  “The secret of the Tango is you have to get close,” Vincent assured us. “You have to feel the breath against you…the nipples.” Sure beats the heck out of the foxtrot, and I for one cannot wait to see Flavia and Vincent again in DANCE TIL DAWN.

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