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A friend of mine is a real cruise enthusiast and I really admire how she plans for them. Basically, she saves up for three or four years and then spends all the money she’s collected on a big, blow-out luxury cruise. Of course, she does take a few short breaks here and there over the years but nothing big or lasting longer than five days or so. For her, it’s all about the cruises. 🙂

I have to say though, I was amazed to hear yesterday that she’s thinking about going on the Titanic 100th anniversary cruise! I’m sure it’ll be the epitome of sophistication, but I find the details a little bit morbid. For instance, the anniversary cruise will be carrying the same number of passengers as the original Titanic (1309 to be exact) and will depart from Southampton. It will hold a memorial service to those that died in the 1912 voyage in the North Atlantic, at the approximate co-ordinates of the ship’s sinking, before finally ending in New York City.

At the same time, I feel a bit bad for judging the cruise in advance as I’ve never actually been on one. That’s right, never! The idea of spending a few weeks confined to a designated amount of space (albeit a relatively large one) doesn’t sit very well with me – nor does functioning on someone else’s timetable. I know you get to spend a day or two at planned stops but I’m sure I’d just find the small time you’re allocated for exploring on shore frustrating.

Still, I’ve been hearing great things about the food they serve on board the best cruises, from people in the industry as well as my cruise-mad friend. Celebrity chefs always seem to be hopping off on cruise liners and catering to diners around the world. More than anything, this emphasis on tasty dishes does tempt to me to get over my stigma against cruises – I am a total sucker for good food! But perhaps I’ll save it for some time when I’m in real need of being pampered…

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