Country vs. Coastal with The Puma Hotels Collection – Part 1

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Planning a short break can be a tricky business when it comes to deciding where to go. Do you choose a relaxing and tranquil retreat in the countryside or opt for an exciting and lively adventure on the coast? It’s a tough choice! So to help us make these important future decisions I embarked on a very special weekend trip courteous of the wonderful people at The Puma Hotels Collection.

Stopping first at the Shrigley Hall Hotel Golf & Country Club for a one night rural escape followed by a visit to The Imperial Hotel on the Blackpool coast, I attempt to solve the Coastal vs. Country conundrum! Two hotels. Two very different destinations. Here’s how it went down…

Pulling up to the 4* Shrigley Hall Hotel in Cheshire we were instantly met with green, green views of the beautiful countryside, golf courses and in the distance the homes of Wilmslow’s finest football stars (Hello Wayne Rooney’s MASSIVE house). Not only surrounded by awesome views, Shrigley Hall is a stand-alone stunning piece of architecture dating back to 1800s with a chapel converted spa and pool next door, cool eh?

Tradition is at the heart of Shrigley Hall Hotel with classic and stylish interior throughout as well as welcoming staff on hand at all times. It’s really hard not to feel sophisticated in this hotel with the grand staircase, glass stained ceiling and telescope in your room, yep that’s right, a telescope. The room itself was spacious, spotlessly clean and continued with the same elegant interior as the rest of the hotel. Complete with a whirlpool bath and power shower in a contemporary designed bathroom, it’s perfect place to relax after an exciting day of, well, relaxing!

Shrigley Hall Hotel Interior

To me, that’s what this hotel is all about, the ideal place to unwind, embrace the countryside, play some golf, take a swim, enjoy spa treatments and eat delicious food. Aah the food, how could I forget, this bit definitely needs its own paragraph…


The thought of a three-course meal is more than enough to make me happy, double that and I’m in heaven. Facing a 6-course meal from Shrigley Hall’s own AA Rosette restaurant, I knew we were in for a treat. Sea bass, quail, pheasant and of course the compulsory chocolate pudding, then – sorry I’m not finished – a cheese board, biscuits, chocolates, coffee and liqueurs…WOW! It goes without saying I ate far too much that night, but who cares, short breaks are meant for indulging!

Shrigley Hall Hotel Meal

In-between all the hotel exploring and yummy food eating, we also received a few extra fun treats. Lead down an atmospheric cellar lined with pretty lanterns we enjoyed a magic act followed by a spot of ale tasting – don’t mind if I do! I have to admit, I’m usually a little sceptical when it comes to ‘magic’. The likes of David Blaine, Dynamo and even Paul Daniels do absolutely nothing for me, but there’s something truly perplexing about seeing a live magician. I have no explanation for the magic tricks we saw that night and therefore, for me, it was amazing! I can’t complain about the ale tasting either. I’m not a beer drinker at all, so it was a great opportunity to give it ago. We tried 4 fantastic locally brewed ales, learnt some interesting beer facts and smelt some hops. Excellent.


After a cosy night’s sleep and a hearty cooked breakfast the next morning, it was time to say goodbye. So long Shrigley Hall Hotel, we had a wonderful country break, but it was time to move on. Have you ever visited Shrigley Hall Hotel or planning to stay there soon? We’d love to hear from you, get in touch with us using the comments box below.

Join me on the coast in part 2 of my blog post on Blackpool’s finest 4* Imperial Hotel – coming soon! 


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