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Posted by Kirstie

Mince Pies
Usually I’m the kind of girl who gets easily offended by folks who jump on the Christmas bandwagon way too early. I scoff at the site of mince pies on special offer in the supermarkets (it’s September for goodness sake!) and have rolled my eyes many a time at the house at the end of my road whose garish decorations have become a permanent fixture on the outside of their house all year round (possibly the worst offenders for premature festive celebration).

This year however, it’s safe to say that I’ve gone a bit Christmas crazy! I’m blaming this entirely on the fact that as it’s my first year here at Superbreak towers I’ve yet to become accustomed to the fact that in the leisure industry Christmas is a big deal and therefore takes a lot of preparation. After the Christmas and New Year Breaks brochure landed on my desk a few weeks ago I’ve been humming carols, much to the annoyance of my colleagues, ogling warm and cosy winter coats on and have even started following @OfficialSanta on Twitter who handily tells me there’s only 102 sleeps until the big day! (Hashtag #CountdowntoChristmas!)

I honestly couldn’t be more excited for the festive season to arrive and am determined to be much more organised this year (there will still be an inevitably frantic dash around the shops on Christmas Eve for last minute ‘bits’, but that’s all part of the fun!) So if, like me, you’re planning on being über organised this year, I’ve put together some tips and ideas for preparing yourself for the best time of year.

1. Start a Pinterest Board for Gift Ideas

We love Pinterest here at Superbreak Towers. As addictive as it is, trawling through all those lovely images is a great way to look for inspiration and gift ideas. Pinning directly from online stores onto one board is a handy way to gather all your ideas together so when you’ve decided on the perfect fluffy snood for your mum and the sexiest new shirt for your loved one, you’re only a few clicks away from making the purchase when payday rolls around! If you’ve got someone who’s notoriously difficult to buy for (we all have them), our Gift Vouchers are a great idea as the recipient can redeem them against the perfect break of their choice!

2. Plan Your Grub

The centre piece on any Christmas Day dinner table is always the roast, but for me it’s all the little extras that add the magic touch to any festive feast. From hearty sausage meat to fragrant smoked ham to the tasty tipple to wash it all down, sometimes the supporting acts are the make or break between a good Christmas Dinner and a great one. Finding that perfect joint of meat or speciality cheese for the after dinner cheese board can take time, so why not head on a foodie break over the next few weeks to sample a whole host of goodies which you can justify as being ‘purely for research purposes’. If this idea takes your fancy the York Food and Drink Festival is the perfect place to visit which takes place from 21st – 30th September.

3. Get in the Spirit at a Christmas Market

If I could possibly feel any more festive and excited I think heading on a Mini-cruise break to Bruges to visit the Christmas Markets would be the way to do it. I’ve never been to a native Markt but have visited a number of markets around the UK, with Birmingham’s market being by far the biggest and best in my opinion. These markets are always full of quirky gifts and best of all, there’s a great festive atmosphere to soak up which I’m sure is helped by all the mulled wine and Bier! I think heading to Bruges to visit the markets from 25 November until 31 December would be the perfect way to kick off the season in style and to well and truly get into the festive spirit.

4.  Escape with a Spa Break

Sometimes all the hard work spent shopping and recipe hunting in the weeks before Christmas can leave you feeling tense and with the often dreaded idea of spending time with the in-laws looming, I think escaping on a spa break for a few days is the perfect way to unwind. Plus if you don’t get to spend enough time with your girl friends in the frantic run up to the big day, escaping to a peaceful hideaway is a great way to bag some time together. Plus, what better way to warm your cockles than in a toasty wooden-clad sauna where you can drift off and imagine you’re in a luxury Alpine retreat?

5. Book your Festive Getaway

If you don’t fancy hosting this year and would like a year off from cooking, heading on a Christmas Break is the ultimate stress-free way to celebrate. Check in to a cosy hotel, slide on your novelty slippers and let someone else do all the work for you. With a delicious Christmas Dinner and mince-pies-a-plenty the hardest work you’ll have to do will be to prize yourself out of your chair at the end of the festive feast. Most of our Christmas breaks have entertainment thrown in too so a good old giggle is bound to be had.

In spite of all my excitement I’m not sure I’ll be eating mince pies in September or writing my Christmas Cards before the clocks have even gone back but I’m definitely intending to plan a bit earlier and be more prepared this time around.

Are any of you feeling festive yet? Will you be trying any of these top tips?

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