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Posted by Danielle

As soon as you hear the faint sound of the bells and see the big red trucks carrying a whole load of Coca Cola you know it’s almost Christmas! With less than 5 weeks remaining until the most exciting time of the year there is still so much I want to cram into 2010, especially before the New Years Resolutions kick in. So if escaping for a few days before the run up to Christmas sounds like a good plan then you might want to hunt out some winter warmers!

From October to January Norway is an ideal place to catch up with some extreme nature. Pods of killer whales make their way to Tysfjord to hunt down the migrating herrings. Even though this is slightly out of the way surely it’s worth the travel for an opportunity of a life time.

But if being able to swim or kayak with the whales leaves you reaching out for a hot chocolate how about soaking up some of the summer sunshine in Sydney, Australia? Escape the after Christmas blues and top up your tan while taking part in the Sydney Harbour New Year’s Eve party. Sip a chilled beer in the warm summer nights with the locals and enjoy fireworks over the Opera House.

If neither of those make the long winter season seem a little bit more exciting how about hand delivering your letter to Santa? Heading to Finland before making the trip to Lapland and presenting your letter surely will win you some brownie points in the good Vs bad category?

I know what’s going in my letter to Santa, what about you?

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