Chilling Halloween Breaks for 2011

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With October nearly upon us, our thoughts are turning to the end of the month and the chilling prospects that Halloween brings. Celebrated for hundreds of years Halloween is one of the world’s most popular holidays, second only to Christmas. Whether you are planning a fancy dress party, masked ball or simply getting away on a Halloween break there is plenty of Halloween related events and destinations to choose from.

From fantastic locations shrouded in the mythology of Halloween to festivals celebrating the dead and astounding sights across the world now is the perfect time to get away and discover these fascinating things. Synonymous with Halloween are the creatures of the night from film and literature, from Frankenstein and werewolves to the famed Dracula our imagination is brimming with these monsters and what they are capable of.  During Halloween why not delve deeper into the myth of Dracula and visit the stunning Bran Castle in Romania, home to Vlad the Imapler who inspired some of this great story. Alternatively enjoy an overnight stay at one of the hotels in Whitby and explore this beautiful seaside town, with the Dracula Experience attraction, Gothic Abbey and 199 stone steps to climb it is ideal for lovers of the unknown.

To find out about the terrible persecution of witches in the 17th Century then you can plan a short break to Salem, Massachusetts, where you can join in the 30th Annual Salem Haunted Happenings. Running throughout October this festival is host to a superb array of Halloween activities, from theatrical productions and visits to the Witches cottage to haunted cruises and ghost tours.

If you are planning on staying closer to home then there are plenty of ghost tours and haunted properties throughout the UK. Those on Edinburgh breaks can feel the spine tingling chill of walking through Mary King’s Close, while those planning breaks to York or Chester will be staying in one of the country’s most haunted cities.

What will you be up to this Halloween, have you ever stayed in a haunted house?

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