Chelsea Flower Show has bright ideas for your garden

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Whether you’re a green-fingered aficionado, or just looking for top tips and green ideas for your own garden now the summer’s almost here, the Chelsea Flower Show taking place next week in Central London is always a fantastic place to see the latest developments in the gardening world for yourself.

Now in its 148th year, the world-famous Chelsea Flower Show isn’t just a place for lovers of all things green, but it’s also one of the most talked-about society events of the summer. Even if you don’t know your carnations from your chrysanthemums, the show garden exhibitions are always a treat. They are put together by some of the biggest names in the business – as well as unlikely celebrities displaying their gardening prowess.

James May's plasticine garden

Last year’s exhibitions caused an amusing mix of confusion and anger among more traditionally-minded garden lovers, thanks to Top Gear’s James May unveiling a garden made out of plasticine, which could be said to have bent the rules slightly! Whether this year’s designers manage to spark controversy in quite the same way remains to be seen, though previews in The Telegraph have already revealed a number of treats – including one garden featuring a giant replica canal lock, in place of a traditional water feature, produced by Leeds City Council.

Chelsea Flower Show 2010

That’s not forgetting the flowers themselves, with beautiful new blooms making their debut every year and instantly earning themselves a place on the must-have lists of gardening buffs. This year’s selection includes new tulips and roses in vibrant pink, red and yellow hues, along with other flowers that visitors can be grow at home in time for the summer.

Chelsea Flower Show isn’t just about the event itself, it’s about showing people great ways to improve their own gardens too, and whether you’re heading down to Chelsea to catch the show from Tuesday 25 to Saturday 29 May, or watching it unfold at home on the BBC, you’re sure to come away with plenty of ideas for plants and garden accessories ready for your next visit to your local gardening store. Just in time for the Bank Holiday :)

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