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Posted by Lynda

Ok…I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been busy celeb spotting! With minimal success initially, but I got two in one day! Whilst walking back home from Hampstead, who do I spot walking along trying to look nonchalant…but Ricky Gervais! It was then back to Primrose Hill…where we bumped into (not literally!) Fergie! That’s the one with Royal connections as opposed to the Black Eyed Pea…

Anyway! Enough name dropping – I have lots of work to catch up on as I’m flying back home to stay with my parents for the weekend. Yes – I’m off back home to glamorous Broughshane (that’s in Northern Ireland!)! Don’t all rush at once…unfortunately Superbreak don’t sell any hotels there…namely because there aren’t any! However, as Chris previously said, Belfast is well worth a visit – it’s such a lovely compact city, it’s perfect for a weekend break. I certainly need a break as we’ve been so busy since Christmas getting lots of new attractions and events packages!
One of the new products on sale is Chelsea Football Stadium Tour and Museum. Now I’m not a big football fan, but I went along to see what the tour was all about. I walked in the doors a football novice (a rather reluctant one at that!) and walked out feeling like I could actually sit through a whole match! Seeing behind the scenes – the players changing rooms, the press room and the museum itself were pretty good, but walking out from the dugout onto (well almost onto) the pitch really gave you the sense that on match days it can get pretty exciting!

What I’m really looking forward to in London is the British Music Experience that opens at the O2 Bubble in March. From what I can tell, it’s going to be an interactive experience taking the visitor through the history of British music. I’ve got my ticket booked already – so when I visit, I’ll be sure to report back!

Hang on – I almost forgot to mention the snow…! The snow we had yesterday was incredible and I’m quite sad that it seems to be melting. I do love snow – one of my best pals is moving from Paris, back to Oslo. It means a visit to Oslo is on the cards which I imagine although not bathed in snow year round, possibly gets more than us poor Brits! I’ve already got my eye on some hotels – but the 4* Voksenaasen looks interesting because of the stunning view of the city it offers! Although it might be a bit far from the shops perhaps….maybe I’ll opt for the 4* Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel….or on my budget I might end up kipping on her floor as normal!!

Anyway – best get back to work – it’s a busy time round the Superbreak office – ’til next time!

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  1. Hey Lynda, that sounds so exciting! I actually saw someone out of Coronation Street on the train at the weekend, but that’s doesn’t really compare to Ricky Gervais (sorry Corrie fans). Can’t wait to hear about the British Music Experience thing either. Have fun at home and tc, Sarah xox

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