Celebrate Latin American culture at Carnavel del Pueblo

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Carnavel del Pueblo

It seems that August is festival month wherever you look in the UK, but one of the most intriguing celebrations that’s caught my eye is the vibrant Carnavel del Pueblo fiesta, taking place this Sunday in London – a celebration of Latin American culture in our multicultural capital!

The carnival is a chance for London’s Latin American community to really let their hair down and celebrate their heritage – and of course, everyone else can get in on the action too! The celebrations will take place in London’s Southwark area, just a short distance from the city centre, and the events are free to attend – so you know where to go if you’re looking for fun and frolics this weekend!

And it’s a packed schedule indeed, starting with a procession of floats and dancers at 12pm along Elephant Road, winding its way through Albany Road down to Burgess Park at 3pm, where bands will play traditional and modern Latin American music until 10 at night. There’s also an Open Salsa Dance Championship lasting throughout the day, with the winner judged by the audience – perfect for putting those salsa classes to use! ;)

Carnavel del Pueblo
Images: www.carnavaldelpueblo.co.uk

The festival is a fantastic way to get an insight into one of the world’s most fascinating collections of cultures, with performers from Brazil and other countries in Central and South America showing their diverse heritage – from traditional dancing to modern hip hop. It’s not just about music and dance either, with bars and stalls around the park, and special children’s areas to make sure people of all ages are having a great time.

Not only is the carnival the biggest event of its kind in the UK, but apparently it’s also the biggest Latin American festival in the whole of Europe – so you can be sure people will be flocking from overseas to sample a little salsa flavour. And if that’s not enough to whet your cultural appetite, there’s only another week to wait before the London Mela brings a distinctive flair of Asian culture to Gunnersbury Park on Sunday 8th August.

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