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This weekend saw the return of Britain’s Got Talent to our screens and millions of hopefuls line up for their chance to impress the judges. As they searched up and down the UK for talent for the first time the show headed to Liverpool to check out the city that brought us The Beatles, The Lightning Seeds and The Zutons.

The judging panel this year has seen also seen a slight tweak with the introduction of comedian Michael Mcintyre and Baywatch star David Hasselhoff as well as popular judge, and Shrek The Musical actress, Amanda Holden. The show started off with a bang and as the weeks go on we are sure to see a range of acts that will keep us glued to our seats.

The show already had its “Susan Boyle” moment early on thanks to 19 year old Michael Collings who has already been tipped by Justin Beiber as one to watch. The dates for the Britain’s Got Talent tour have been announced and despite the show only being in its first week it’s already proving to be popular.

What do you think of the new judges and this years acts so far?

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