Brighton beats the winter blues with the White Night Festival

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It looks like tomorrow night Brighton is going to be living up to its ‘bright’ name as the White Night event takes place. An all night cultural festival, the White Night is now in its second year and invites visitors to “do something different in the middle of the night”.

This time around, the Halloween season is receiving plenty of attention as organisers have said they’ll be injecting a dose of mystery and magic into the festival, which will include a variety of venues hosting an impressive amount of events, of which most are free.

I really love the idea of this festival, especially because it gets people to forget about how much they miss the summertime light in the mornings and evenings and instead embrace it. After all, it means the festival will last longer – which can only be a good thing. There’s just so much going on, from exotic art exhibitions to amazing live bands exhibiting some of Brighton’s best local talent. Then there’s the chance to experience Gregorian chants being sung at St Bartholomew’s Church, or get your fortune told at 3am, which I bet would make the experience all the more spooky.

Bike to the Future also sounds fun, where visitors can climb into the saddle and get taken on a virtual time-travelling journey through Brighton and into the future. There are also night bus tours, casinos, a penny arcade and a neon coin slot game where members of the public can put a penny into the slot at the top and watch their coins cascade down to the bottom.

All of this and much more is happening in the southeast of England this very weekend- I wish I’d heard about it sooner, I might have tried to go. Maybe next year! Perhaps one of our entrants to our current Build Your Dream Break Competition might think to add it into their request – the competition’s ending soon, so don’t forget to enter if you haven’t already!

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