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Posted by Matt

For many people Boxing Day is all about cleaning up after the havoc of Christmas Day, watching cheesy films on TV and of course braving the mad Boxing Day Sales! For me however Boxing Day is about one thing and one thing only; the football.

Football matches on Boxing Day have been a tradition in England for decades and this year is no different. No matter what the weather, football fans around the country will make it out to watch their team on Boxing Day and hope for an exciting match, which there are sure to be plenty off given the strong fixture list this year.

In the Premiership there are many tasty fixtures to keep you excited this Boxing Day, including Newcastle v Manchester City, Aston Villa v Tottenham and Manchester United v Sunderland. Meanwhile in the Championship, top of the table QPR will be battling it out with Swansea whilst Hull and Sheffield United compete for bragging writes in a Yorkshire derby.

After stuffing myself on Christmas Day I will be going out to watch my beloved Leeds United take on Leicester City this Boxing Day. Will you be making out to watch a Boxing Day match this year? And who will you be supporting?

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