Boris’s new plans for the culture capital

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Posted by Sarah

Thanks for that great post, Ray – the country’s just bursting at the seams with outstanding theatre, so your list is sure to give our readers a better idea of where to start. And anyone that identifies with Ray’s post will love the news that Boris Johnson – London’s fair-haired, blunder-prone mayor – aims to improve access to cultural events through a comprehensive three-year plan.

Whatever your views of BoJo might be, this new plan definitely gives culture vultures in London something to shout about. In a bid to push ‘high culture’ to young people, he’s encouraging more teenagers to take up musical instruments, increasing funding to the London Jazz Festival and will appoint a ‘London Film Day’, which will involve free film screenings across all London boroughs. What’s more, he aims to launch “The Story of London” next year, an event that will celebrate the capital’s history throughout June.

It’s a series of innovations that will hopefully wake new life into London’s well-established cultural foundations, and create a distinct cultural legacy that residents and visitors can enjoy in the run up to London 2012 and long after. After all, cultural attractions – like the West End’s plethora of theatre breaks – are one of the city’s greatest assets. That and its shopping! Making these attractions better can only be a good thing and will keep London up there as one of the world’s best loved creative hubs.

Maybe at this time next year, Ray’s list of cultural highlights will reflect the liveliness that we hope Boris’ schemes will inject into the capital!



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