A glowing short break with Blackpool Illuminations!

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If you’re visiting Blackpool this autumn, then make sure you don’t miss the fantastic Blackpool Illuminations. Starting way back in 1879, the display gets 3 million visitors a year and is the perfect sparkling treat when visiting this truly British seaside destination. If you’ve never experienced this world-famous tradition, but always wanted to see the colourful spectacle, here’s what you can expect…

Blackpool Illuminations & Blackpool Tower
A view of the spectacular coastline during Blackpool Illuminations

For 73 nights a year, the Blackpool Illuminations light up the promenade with a magical and glowing display featuring more than 400,000 lamps and 74 miles of cable and wiring – just imagine that leccy bill! The sheer size of the illuminations has developed over the last 130 years when it first began with just 8 arc lamps and was described as the Promenade’s ‘Artificial Sunshine’. Since then the display has gone from strength to strength and by the 1930s the switch-on ceremony was devised! Every year the Blackpool Illuminations are switched on by the hands of a popular celeb, from Ken Dodd in 1966 (he was popular right?) to Robbie Williams in 2010.

So who are the people behind this award-winning annual delight? A whole army of artists, electricians, joiners, mechanics, painters and engineers, that’s who! Working tirelessly throughout the year, these people dedicate their working life to ensure the dazzling display goes off without a hitch!

Blackpool Illuminations
Just some the magnificently glowing lights at Blackpool Illuminations

As you stroll down the promenade admiring the magnificent lights, it’s really hard to imagine how such an enormous attraction is pieced together. Spreading from top to bottom along the Promenade, I spent half my time enjoying the lights and half the time wondering ‘how long does it take to put up?’, ‘who puts it all together?’, ‘where do all the light bulbs come from?’ and other strange quizzical Blackpool Illumination related thoughts. However they do it, it’s amazing and I take my imaginary hat off to the team behind it all.

This year’s illuminations are in full swing with plenty of fantastic new features already WOWing the public, including The World’s Biggest 3D Holographic Experience! Taking the Blackpool Illuminations to the next level, guests can see 7 foot tall 3D holograms brought to life through augmented reality technology on their smartphone – what will they think of next?! If the traditional way enjoying actual reality is more your thing then don’t worry, there’s plenty of new designs, programmes, sounds and shows to grab your attention, as well as the stunning Blackpool Tower dazzling up the coastal skyline.

Blackpool Illuminations
The Blackpool Big Wheel shining bright on the pier!

A short break to Blackpool this time of year is no doubt ideal for seeing the illuminations, but that’s not the only thing attracting the millions of visitors each year. By day, Blackpool’s energy is just as lively with a whole host of attractions to keep you and the family entertained. From Blackpool Zoo and SEA LIFE to Madame Tussauds and The Tower Eye, there’s plenty to be seeing and doing on a visit to this top coastal destination any time of the year.

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Have you enjoyed the marvellous Blackpool Illuminations this year or in previous years? What are your thoughts on this dazzling iconic seaside tradition? Let us know using the comments box below.


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