Best European Short Breaks for Cheese Lovers

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Now it might sound like a slightly odd topic for a blog post, but as a huge lover of all things cheesy myself, I imagine there are of few people out there who would be interested to read about the best locations for cheese-related hotpots. So, I thought I’d pop a list together featuring the best short break locations for some dairy goodness, plus some insider tips from my personal experiences!


‘Kinda obvious’ I hear you say…well, maybe so but it still offers the best cheese in Europe as far as I’m concerned. I’d hate for you not to know about the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store (there are a few dotted throughout the city. The rich and creamy taste of their cheese is unlike anything I’ve ever had before, and not only does this place have bowls of free samples lining the store, they also make a mean grilled-cheese sandwich to go! Safe to say that we all had one of these during our trip.



It would seem that you only have to head down to your local deli for a taste of cheesy heaven – statistics show that British cheese exports have reached their highest level ever in the past 12 months, with consumers in the likes of New York, Madrid and even Paris (mon dieu!) ordering in our premium product. If, like the French, you can’t get enough of British cheese then get your case packed and book a short break. Nottingham (Colston Bassett Stilton), Warwickshire (Sparkenhoe Red Leicester) and Somerset (Montgomery Cheddar) should all be at the top of your list, as should the annual Artisan Cheese Fair that takes place in Melton Mowbray every year.


Before you ask, yes it is a short break destination! Less than a 3 hour flight and with every inch of the island accessible within an hour’s drive, I’d say 3-4 days in Santorini sounds like heaven. Heaven with some incredible cheese that’s served with almost every meal, that is. I’m a huge fan of Feta in general – you can enjoy it with salads, you can deep fry it, eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert! I think my favourite feta dish I indulged in during my time on the island had to be the pizza below. Mounds of the cheese with spinach and fennel made for a delicious meal…there’s no wonder they call it the ‘Princess of Cheeses’.



This place is already at the top of my travel To Do list, and now I discover that it serves an incredibly unique cheese – Geitost (pronounced “yay-tost”). Created using a traditional technique unlike any other, this cheese is known for its sweet, caramel-like taste that’s just perfect for popping on a slice of rye bread. Most common in the Sognefjord region, a typical Norwegian short break awaits you with the impressive scenery and now, the perfect lunchbox snack.


Fine, I’ve put it on the list. It wouldn’t really be a cheese list without the biggest (and most successful) producer, would it? Wherever you go in France, the Croque Monsieur is a sure-fire winner when popping into a café or bar. I probably couldn’t count the amount of these tasty toasties I’ve eaten over the years on my travels. Agreed, it’s the least elegant way to consume this fine Gruyere and Béchamel combo, but I think it absolutely deserves a mention for its unwavering stance as the got-to food for us wary Brits abroad.

Let’s face it, cheese is great in all capacities. If you’ve got a recommendation for a short break location offering great cheese delicacies, cafes or shops, let us know by commenting below!

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