Bank Holiday madness this weekend

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Yesterday’s Bank Holiday brought with it the end of an amazing month for me, filled with plenty of travelling and many excellent adventures both north and south of home. From my one night theatre break to see Sister Act in London a few weeks ago to the amazing trip to Edinburgh to take in the Scottish capital’s massive annual arts festival, it’s been one busy month – and Bank Holiday weekend wasn’t much different!

Since my long weekend was spent catching up with friends and family, as well as all the usual errands that I’d managed to let slip what with all my coming and going over the last month, I thought today I’d spend some time finding out what other people got up to – and it looks like the weekend was certainly a wild one for many.

An article in The Telegraph revealed the goings on at the Lancashire World Gravy Wrestling Championships, where 24 men and women wrestled their way through a giant pool of gravy to achieve the accolade of world’s best gravy wrestler – yeuch! The day also included an attempt to break the record for most people dressed as Elvis but sadly only 29 impersonators arrived – not even close to the 148 needed.

Around the office here at Superbreak people have also been chatting about what they’ve been up to and it looks as though plenty headed away for the weekend. Although most of them stuck around the UK for cheap Bank Holiday breaks, one lucky person went off to Andalucia in Spain and tried out a Flamenco lesson! Being the region in which Flamenco was born, Andalucia is certainly the place to go if you’re ever hoping to take in some of this mesmerising traditional music and dance which encapsulates so much of Spanish culture.

The first time I saw Flamenco being performed I remember being amazed. When I think of folk music, I tend to think of smoky pubs with old men and woolly jumpers with pints and a couple of fiddles, but the truth is that folk music – from England as well as all across the world – is such a diverse and incredible way to discover the heart of a culture, from Scottish ballads to heart-wrenching cante jondos that form the core of Flamenco.

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