Android football and sonic dreams at the Edinburgh International Science Festival

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One of the many prestigious festivals that take place in Edinburgh each year, the 22nd Edinburgh International Science Festival looks to be bigger than ever, with a huge programme of events catering for budding Einsteins and casual audiences alike!

Edinburgh’s science festival is one of the biggest in the world, taking place over two weeks from 3 to 17 April and including more than 220 events, according to its official website. It attracts the biggest names in popular science like Richard Dawkins and Ben Goldacre to give fascinating talks on a range of groundbreaking topics, while also providing much for the casual attendee – like comedy shows and plays that aim to make difficult scientific concepts easier to understand.

Now I wouldn’t claim to be a scientific genius, but I’m always fascinated by learning how the world works, so I’m very much looking forward to heading up and taking part in the events this year. I didn’t really know about the science festival last year, but now it might become another essential item on my itinerary of annual breaks in Edinburgh – along with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August of course! 😉

The science festival really takes over Scotland‘s capital in April, with events at 35 venues including the Royal Botanic Gardens and National Museum of Scotland, while younger boffins can find a huge range of activities taking place at the festival’s own dedicated venue, the City Art Centre, which has given over all seven floors to host a variety of activities.

As well as demonstrating the wonders of science, the festival is also a unique opportunity to get involved in real scientific research, and one of this year’s big projects is the development of a brand new Sonic Dreams sound system, described as a fusion between art and science.

But out of all these diverse and fantastic events, there’s one that’s got people’s tongues wagging the most – and that’s an all-android football game that kicks off at Edinburgh University! With two teams of androids looking to bend it like Beckham and take home the Robocup trophy, it’s easy to see why the Edinburgh International Science Festival is so popular for bringing science to life in an entertaining way.

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