An Anniversary Weekend in Edinburgh

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Guest post by Superbreaker Natalie Benson…


This year for our Wedding Anniversary, we decided to have a change from London and visit Edinburgh.  The kids loved the idea of visiting the Zoo and seeing the Pandas and with it being so warm in Edinburgh in November (!) it was a no brainer!

As the zoo would be our main focus of the trip, we booked in at the Holiday Inn Edinburgh, which we knew was very near to the zoo. So near it’s only next door and you can hear the animals on a morning; there really was no need to have packed the alarm clock!

The trip up there went with no problems; no missed trains and no lost bags… couldn’t even manage to lose the kids, but better look next time eh! The hotel was a few miles from the railway station, but the buses in Edinburgh are literally every 5 minutes so we jumped on one, purchased a family ticket and off we went.  The family tickets on the bus are really good and save a fortune, especially if you are sightseeing and travelling from place to place.

We couldn’t fault the hotel; the staff were nice and friendly, rooms were lovely and the pool was nice and quiet.  We took advantage of that every day we stayed.  Once we had checked in, we headed back into Edinburgh for a bit of shopping.  I wish we could choose a location next year that does not have a Build-a-Bear shop… it costs us a fortune every year!  There are plenty of shops on the main street to keep anyone amused for a few hours and as you do you get a good view of Edinburgh Castle, so that was nice.


The next day, we decided to visit the zoo. As you know it wasn’t a long walk away.  We’d booked to see the Pandas late morning, so had a few hours looking around the other animals until then.  I must admit there wasn’t as many animals as you would see at any other zoo, but the animals they have you don’t tend to see anywhere else; Pandas, Red Pandas and Koala Bears to name but a few.  The zoo was very quiet with it being November and was great just walking around at our leisure.  The penguins were amazing.  They are very inquisitive and were trying to nibble on shoes and leaves or anything you could tease them with!

Our final day was spent at the Dungeons and the National Museum of Scotland (also known as the History Museum).  The kids loved the Dungeons and would recommend anyone visiting Edinburgh to definitely check it out.  The History Museum is also a good choice if you have a few hours to spare.  Not only is it free to get in, but there are hundreds of things to look at from stuffed animals, Egyptian artefacts and an F1 Simulator car that kept all the kids amused!

A quick dash back to the station and that was Edinburgh over and done.  The only thing we were disappointed to miss was the Christmas Markets that opened the weekend after.  We’re now thinking of choosing Edinburgh next year to see the markets, and once again would recommend a weekend break here for anyone looking for a short break destination outside of London.

Have you visited Edinburgh for a short break recently? Let us know what you got up to!

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