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The only wonder of the ancient world still in existence today, the Great Pyramid of Giza has inspired visitors to Egypt for millennia.

It’s no co-incidence that the monument best associated with the golden age of Egypt’s great pharaohs is the pyramid – the final resting place of Egypt’s royalty – as the ancient Egyptians highly revered the journey between this world and the next and wanted to make sure everyone knew it.

But don’t worry if you don’t have the time or cash to book a trip to Egypt right now, you could enjoy some of the reflected glory much closer to home.

A collection of illustrated spells, the Book of the Dead is one of the greatest treasures to be preserved from the days of towering pyramids, jewel-strewn palaces and golden pharaohs that have long swept by and from November 4 2010 – March 6 2011, visitors to the British Museum will be able to enjoy their own ancient journey.

Explore the legend and find out why the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead was thought to guide the deceased, safely through the underworld, to eternal life.

With ancient spells, amulets, jewellery, statues and coffins also on display, visitors will be able to learn more about life and death in ancient Egypt – in the first exhibition to focus upon the Book of the Dead in this way.

Whether you know your canopic jars from your Cleopatra or not, you’re sure to find something compelling at this exclusive exhibit. After all those ancient Egyptians were an interesting and superstitious lot – with cats thought to ward off evil, makeup said to prevent illness and beautiful queens opting to bathe in milk.

And with our hotel and ticket offers it’s even easier to be spell-bound by the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead exhibit at the British museum.

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