An amazing trip to the Edinburgh Fringe

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It may have rained, it may have been incredibly, ridiculously windy, but there’s nothing in this world that could put me off the gorgeous city of Edinburgh – not even the tram works!

Admittedly, I’m really sad to be back from my weekend away to the Scottish capital, but I couldn’t have had a better time up north. Not only did I visit the Military Tattoo for the first time but I took in several top quality shows – and one or two less great ones 🙂 – which made for a packed weekend filled with festival fun.

If you’ve never been to Edinburgh during the festival period, I’d definitely recommend it. Not only is the weather (somewhat) gorgeous in August, but the city comes to life with thousands of events and attractions pulling millions of tourists into its streets every year. And despite the recession causing many people to spend as little as possible this year, it looks as though the Fringe has found a way to counteract the credit crunch: over 400 free shows are taking place during three weeks that you can just show up to and enjoy. That’s alongside literally thousands of other shows, from stand up comedy to the most bizarre and wonderful musicals and eye-catching and exotic dance performances.

As for the Tattoo, it was better than I ever could’ve expected – not that I thought it was going to be bad. I thought it would mainly be comprised of traditional Scottish pipers playing ear-splitting tunes on the bagpipes – though I suppose I must’ve really known it wouldn’t be so bad since I bought tickets in the first place! But instead, we were treated to an amazing international display of traditional music and dance from all around the world, with huge companies of dancers and musicians coming together for an evening of rousing, cultural displays, made even more special by the projection of lights and images on the walls of Edinburgh Castle.

Fireworks topped the night off and we headed out to enjoy the sights of the city during festival season.

It’s not over yet, though, and knowing it’s all still going on even after I’ve returned home is making me want to go back. I’d definitely recommend it for a short break for anybody looking to take in some culture over a few days – if the chance of rain doesn’t put you off!

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