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Ahh, Valentine’s Day. Love it or loathe it, you can’t escape the swarm of activity across February as desperately in love Romeos and Juliets prepare for the ‘loveliest’ day of the year. Despite the hype, I’ve never been a fan of the orthodox Valentine’s traditions (oversized teddy bear and sickly chocolates, anyone?) and would much prefer an alternative experience over the predictable smush of Feb 14th. Check out the top picks for an Alternative Valentine’s Day and look forward to a day of blissful difference.

1. Shake Your Way to the Top with a Cocktail Making Masterclass


For those of you in a new relationship (or for those who simply love a cheeky cocktail), a cocktail making masterclass is a great way to learn a new skill whilst flirting over flavoured liqueurs and cocktail umbrellas. Whip up a storm behind the bar before tasting your new creations in a trendy, and slightly romantic, atmosphere.

 2. Travel Back in Time at a Historic Castle


Live like a past prince or pauper by visiting a historic castle with your loved one. As well as being able to wow them with your impressive knowledge of that GCSE history project, a castle is a perfect destination for a Valentine’s break away as you can actually talk to each other! Forget cinemas and candlelit dinners… from falconry displays and a giant fireball trebuchet at Warwick Castle, to the awe-inspiring views from Edinburgh Castle, history is definitely the new ‘in-thing’.

3. Plan a Breathtaking Hot Air Balloon Ride


If you really want to push the boat out this Valentine’s, a hot air balloon ride is sure to impress! With a variety of packages to be had across the UK, you can tailor your experience to your specific requirements. Whether it’s a luxurious affair with champagne and chocolates or an adrenaline-rich thrill, it’s bound to be a memory that sticks with you both for years to come!

 4. Celebrate the Occasion on a Different Day


Sounds bizarre, right? Despite advertisers and tradition making you believe that February 14th is kind of a big deal, there’s no harm in celebrating your love at another time! From here you have two options; either go down the completely spontaneous route and surprise each other on random days of the year, or decide on a date together (perhaps one that holds a special place in your heart?) and make that the true day of passion.

5. Organise a Treasure Hunt in the Place You Met


Think back to the first time you met your other half… cute, eh? Those shy glimpses and long walks and talks may seem like a while back, but they can easily be recreated by a bit of imagination and some handy Post-It Notes. Spread the clues around the location where you first set eyes on one another and leave a small gift at the end of the trail as a reward!

6. Venture to Amsterdam for a Weekend Away


Get away from all the typical Valentine’s scenes with an exciting trip to Amsterdam. From fascinating museums to the iconic cafe culture in the city, you’re sure to have a great time away without feeling pressured to be ‘loved up’. If you are feeling romantic however, a boat trip down the canals of Amsterdam’s pretty streets is bound to do the trick.

7. Make a Hamper for One Another


Scrap overpriced flowers and a card so big that you need to buy a new letter box… make a hamper instead! Think of what your partner really likes (hint: Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream) and create a personalised box of all of their favourite things. If you’re struggling to choose a select few items, hone it down and focus on a certain area of their character e.g. a hamper of favourite foods, memories or hobbies.

Have some alternative Valentine’s ideas of your own? Share them by using the comment box below! 

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