A Tour of Buckingham Palace

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Guest post by Mrs Helen Trueman

A summer weekend in London is not without a trip to Buckingham Palace. Any fan of the royal family must visit, it’s without doubt the grandest of the London Palaces. I recently visited the state rooms with my daughter for the second time.

My daughter and I on our way to London!

Having pre-booked timed tickets online for the State rooms Tour & the new exhibition on Royal Childhood, we caught an early morning train from the North with plenty of time to spare. Be prepared for a short half hour queue to get through the  airport style security, it is a royal residence when all said! There were plenty of nice polite staff on hand to help with questions etc. We collected our English speaking audio headphones and walked with great excitement inside the impressive entrance to the State rooms. WOW!

The impressive exterior of Buckingham Palace

How splendid to be in there, following in the footsteps of past and present royals, foreign dignitaries, politicians and many celebrities who have been before us. The audio tour guides you at leisure through the many different rooms, corridors and grand staircases. There are the most opulent artifacts to view, music room and picture gallery. Famous paintings and marble statues, beautiful furniture, all such amazing things to see.

The highlight of this special tour has to be the new Royal Childhood exhibition. What a pleasure to feel honoured to view many treasured possessions from the last 250 years to the present day. Tiny royal outfits, dolls, toys, royal prams and even Prince George’s christening gown. It was all a good 2 hours plus of money well spent, to visit and feel so proud of our royal family.

The beautiful gardens at the back of the palace

Book the tickets, soak up the atmosphere, you won’t be disappointed. Then finish your tour with a visit out into the surroundings of the Queen’s garden, visit the cafe and shop, turn around and admire the palace. Another photo opportunity. Enjoy!

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