A Titanic Experience for your Weekend Break

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Posted by Becky


A new Titanic exhibition in the O2 bubble is surely a must see for fanatics. After I saw the 1997 film I was fascinated by the Titanic and its history. The most famous boat ever sailed, The Titanic, stirs a deep mix of emotions both with those whose families were involved and as the nation as a whole. Regarded as one of the biggest tragedies worldwide thousands of people, as I know I will, are bound to flock to the new Titanic Exhibition at London’s O2.

Featuring reconstructions of the grand ship and focusing on real life stories the exhibition will be a fascinating insight into a renowned incident. While the focus for the Titanic may be in London during the months of the exhibition I’m keen to visit the other locations that were affected by this tragedy.

With a dedicated museum due to open in 2012 and the Titanic anniversary cruise to set sail in the same year Southampton is the port from which it all started, and the Maritime Museum is a great place to discover a wealth of information. While I’d be interested in the Titanic Tour in Belfast offering the perfect insight into the way in which the boat was constructed.

If you want a completely unique experience then cross over to the States where the Orlando Titanic Experience will have your hairs standing on end.

If you know of any good Titanic exhibitions or tit bits let us know.

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