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Posted by Becky

The American diner is at the forefront of popular culture inspiring films, TV, art and more. From the renowned Edward Hopper painting Nighthawks to iconic scenes in the classic films American Graffiti and Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs and True Romance diners are synonymous with American culture. Whether ordering a delicious slice of home made pie, indulging in a thick creamy milkshake or getting stuck into a juicy beef burger the American diner offers a satisfying and nostalgic experience, which is steeped in decades of American tradition.

With thousands of restaurants across America, Canada and Western Europe the traditional American diner has established itself as a favourite dining experience across the globe. From the rock and roll soundtracks to the classic American menu, leather booths and friendly service the American diner is a firm fixture of roadsides throughout America and has moved into cities and towns throughout the world, including several in the United Kingdom. With a great range of diners across the UK we have selected our choice of the best UK diners for you to enjoy on your short break.

The 50’s American Diner:

Originally established in 1950 in Massachusetts The 50’s American Diner is a true American classic. Opened in the Derbyshire town of Gresley in 2005 the diner was built by the famed Jerry O’Mahony dining car company and features leather seated booths, stools placed at the counter and a fantastic mouth watering menu to choose from, including a superb range of burgers named after iconic movie stars such as Grace Kelly, Cary Grant, James Dean and Marilyn Monroe. The diner is closed on Monday and Tuesday but open the rest of the week for your family to enjoy a taste of 1950s America.


Ed’s Easy Diner:

With restaurants in Birmingham, Cardiff, Essex and at several locations across London Ed’s is a great place to stop for a quick bite. Whether visiting London on a theatre break, shopping trip or just to take in the attractions there is an Ed’s Easy Diner waiting for you. With a delicious range of fresh milkshakes and an array of inventive burgers and hot dogs to suit any appetite Ed’s has something to suit all, plus with a great laidback attitude and reasonable prices eating at Ed’s is a good way to treat yourself to a delicious dinner without breaking the bank. Don’t forget to take a piece of Ed’s home with you and buy your very own t-shirt, baseball cap or CD.

JB’s Diner:

Boasting a superb location on Brighton seafront JB’s is a must for anyone planning a Brighton break. With a fantastic choice of menus ranging from banana and maple syrup pancakes at breakfast to impressive T Bone steaks and an extensive range of milkshakes made with an indulgent four scoops of ice cream JB’s offers the perfect American experience. Plus with a separate kids menu there is something for the smaller appetites too.

OK Diner:

There are a number of OK Diners dotted around the UK. Set at motorway services and on the roadside they are ideally located to break up your journey. With 8 diners from North Wales to Hartlepool OK Diners are the perfect place to stop and enjoy the American experience before continuing onto your short break destination. With a selection of impressive stacked burgers, from guacamole and crispy bacon to spicy beef chilli and mushrooms smothered in cheese, all day breakfasts, grill dishes and more there is something to please all tastes.

Fatboys Diner:

Another London legend Fatboys Diner is within easy reach of the O2 arena, perfect for anyone visiting on a concert and event break. The diner has featured in the film Sliding Doors and features in fashion photos for Vogue and more. Fatboys is a traditional 1940’s American Diner, including aluminium cladding, stools and American menu. Why not try one of their renowned pastrami on rye sandwiches, loaded with thinly sliced pastrami, iceberg lettuce and mayonnaise this is a true American classic, be sure to order a side of sauerkraut for the authentic flavour.

Do you enjoy the diner experience, what is the best diner you have eaten at in the UK or across the United States of America?

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