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With that nip in the air getting ever-colder and the skies seeming ever-greyer, life can seem a little dull as the winter months begin to slowly draw by. But it’s easy to add a little ohh-lah-lah to your October, with Paris just a short flight or rail ride away.

Whether strolling down Paris’s cobbled streets, enjoying a warm cup of coffee and a pastry in a Parisian bistro or indulging in a steamy clinch by the Eiffel Tower, there’s plenty to warm your winter-weary spirits in the City of Light.

Say oui oui to touring Paris by foot and walk-off the winter chill while discovering Paris’s much-storied historic quarters.

Begin a tour of Paris in the city’s historic Latin Quarter, with a Latin Quarter Walk that moves from the city’s Roman ruins to its ornate gardens, universities and famed cathedrals that have hosted and inspired many of France’s great minds and Enlightenment thinkers.

Walk the uphill cobbles of bohemian Montmartre on a Montmartre Walk and discover the Parisian district that boasts the bright lights of the Moulin Rouge and has been home to many famous artists including Picasso and Monet.

Follow in the footsteps of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette (who famously declared “let them eat cake” while the poor of Paris starved for want of bread) who were marched to the guillotine on a French Revolution Walk, and relive the troubled times that led to the storming of the Bastille prison.

Or discover the Paris of the thirties and forties, which had fallen to Nazi occupation and find out about the French resistance, occupied life, the D-Day invasion and the Liberation through a Word War II Walk.

And as you can get more ooh-lah-lah for less this October with our Paris hotels and walking tour packages, there’s no reason not to fall in love with Paris this winter.

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