A drum roll please…for Edinburgh’s Tattoo

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As the weather outside is frightful and it’s just four (yes, four!) sleeps to Christmas, it’s easy to get a little blinded by the glitter and tinsel of the season’s festivities. But a delicious turkey dinner and a blink-of-an-eye later, you’re sure to find that August is around the corner.

And with August comes … a drum roll please! … the Edinburgh Tattoo.

While those who are new to the Edinburgh Tattoo might suspect that it’s all tartan, whisky, shortbread and bagpipes this isn’t always the case. However, if you’re looking for a real Scottish experience, the Tattoo is the place to find it and new and returning visitors are sure to be stunned by the pipe and drumming spectacle set by Edinburgh’s historic castle.

The 2011 Tattoo will see colourful pipe bands, military bands, dancers and performers from across the world gather to entertain and wow the awaiting crowds. And as the city hosts its famed Fringe festival during August as well, crowds are sure to find the Edinburgh’s atmosphere to be just as electric and show-stopping as the Tattoo itself.

Those keen not to miss a beat of Edinburgh’s Fringe festival or the capital’s iconic sights will find that they’re well placed to take in the capital, with a guided tour of Edinburgh castle and the Royal Yacht Britannia included in our 2011 Tattoo package deals – not to mention plenty of free-time to explore the historic Royal Mile or boutique shopping found along Princes Street.

As quick-to-sell-out Tattoo tickets are sure to make a heart-beat-skipping Christmas present or blissful summer break, remember to book your Tattoo break before drumming up some Edinburgh excitement.

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