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Posted by Sarah

I think it’s a little cheeky but a friend of mine has bought her partner a combined Christmas and Valentine’s Day gift – even though there’s nearly two months to go until Valentine’s. It’s a good gift though – a romantic short break in Paris over Valentine’s weekend. Personally, I think that the reason that there are so many holidays in the average year is to give us greater opportunity for present buying – and receiving!

But her gift did make me realise that Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday next year – and in my line of work, that immediately sets bells ringing. I’m sure that there’ll be loads of couples keen to make their romantic day a weekend rather than a mere 24 hours, and a short break is the perfect way to do that.

So what would be your perfect destination for a romantic break? For me, there’d be nothing better than a trip up to a secluded spot in the Scottish Highlands, though the tempestuous February weather up north might make that idea a difficult one to fulfil. On the other hand, I love immersing myself in the bright lights of London‘s West End – coupled with a cosy dinner and some champagne, I reckon that would make a pretty romantic way to spend a weekend.

Of course, people have very different tastes. I imagine my friend and her partner will spend their romantic weekend in Paris sipping coffee in cafes and reading Sartre by the Seinne – but I’d rather be out gazing at the Haussmann Renovations or the Musée Rodin. If you and your partner have different interests, it’s a good idea to pick somewhere with eclectic attractions, like Berlin or Barcelona – that way, you’ll be able to keep each other happy with ease.

Despite my aversion to doubling up on gifts, I really hope my friend’s partner likes her present – Paris will be overflowing with romance on Valentine’s Day and will probably still be fairly devoid of tourists before the summer rush sets in. It’ll give her something to look forward to in those long cold winter months too!

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