7 Travel Apps For Your Next Short Break

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I, like many people, like things to run as smoothly as possible when travelling. I like to be organised, I like to have plenty of time and I really like having my phone on hand with all my trusty travel apps.

Travel apps are great because they make my life easier, my short break better and keep my stress levels down, not to mention freeing up lots of bag space.

We’ve been busy scouring the app world to bring you SuperBreak’s top travel apps for any short break you choose.


1) Citymapper

If like me, you feel that little helpless twang of panic after missing a bus or a train, you’ll be pleased to know that Citymapper has got our backs. One of the most popular travel apps out there (and for good reason), Citymapper is a transport hub right in your pocket. It’s a comprehensive journey planner which includes timetables, real-time departures, connections, prices and much more – phew! It’s a mighty little app which every traveller should be using.

2) AroundMe

A personal favourite, I was on a short break in London when I first heard about this travel treasure and now I wouldn’t be without it. A handy app which uses your location to determine everything around you from bars, cafes, and restaurants to sightseeing, museums, petrol stations and ATMs – AroundMe tells you everything you want to know about your surroundings as well as how far away things are.

3) PackPoint

If you love to travel but hate the stress of packing, PackPoint is here to do all the hard work for you. You simply input your gender, destination and the dates/ duration of your stay and tick the activities you’ll be doing on your short break. The app then generates a list, unique to you, of things you might need, as well as analysing the weather forecast in your chosen destination – pure app genius!


4) Duolingo

As a self-confessed language geek, this is my all-time favourite travel app out there. If you’re venturing overseas on your short break this year, Duolingo enables you to learn, well, the lingo before, during and after your trip. A free and easy-to-use app which helps you to learn the basics and progress through various levels, Duolingo sets you well on your way to foreign language fluency. Muy bien!

5) Instagram

Short breaks call for photos, lots of photos, and what better way to get snap happy than with Instagram. Needing no real introduction, Instagram is a well-known app which allows you to take the ultimate photo or selfie with the addition of lots of envy-enhancing filters, but don’t forget those all-important hashtags #instatravel, #selfie, #bestappever.


6) Spotify

When traveling to and from your short break destination, you’re going to need something to keep your ears entertained; and there’s no better way to bask in the pre-break excitement than with all your favourite tunes on tap. Spotify is the must-have music streaming app which allows you to build playlists for all of your short break adventures, and listen to them at any time as long as you have an internet connection; the premium version, however, doesn’t require an internet connection.

7) WhatsApp

Although travelling is amazing, we can’t deny that there are people we miss when we’re off exploring new places, and there are new people we meet who we miss when it’s time to leave. WhatsApp has come to the rescue as it is a free app which allows you to keep in touch with family and friends from anywhere in the world and send real-time messages completely free. All you need to make this magical little app work is Wi-Fi or 3/4G connection.

So these are our must-have travel apps; do you have any favourites which aren’t mentioned in our list? Let us know in the comment box below!

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