5 Reasons the River Rover is Better for Getting Around London than the Tube

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Heading off on a London break this spring? While the tube is a super-convenient way for getting around the city, we’ve discovered an even better way to travel in London – the River Rover. With the sea air, the beautiful views and the ability to actually get a seat there’s a lot of reasons to choose the River Rover over the tube during your London stay. Plus, you can get a free journey on the River Rover with 2-night London bookings made before 31st May 2019!

1. The Views & Fresh Air

Rather than looking at dusty piping and the odd tube station, you could be soaking up the sights of London in the fresh air!

2. No Queues or Delays

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This service is now running 7 minutes late… annoying, huh? Especially where you’ve got places to go and people to see! Enjoy London at your leisure without the added pressure by taking the River Rover. No queues, no fuss.

3. Learn More about London’s Culture/History

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The tube might be a people-spotting paradise, but it’s hardly an inspiring mode of transport. However, with the River Rover you’ll find out a tonne of interesting facts and figures about London’s rich culture and history.

4. Get the Perfect Selfie

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Unless you want someone’s errant armpit and dim lighting in your selfie, the tube is definitely a photo-free zone! Instead of sweating the small stuff, perfect your pout with a little help from a pleasant river backdrop and plenty of sunshine.

5. Less Hassle, More Relaxing

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Get your Oyster card out! Stand on the right! Walk on the left! Avoid stress and relax by hopping on board the trusty River Rover instead, where there’s ALWAYS a seat.

Have you ever travelled on-board the River Rover? Let us know in the comments box below!

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