4 Important Factors When Booking a Short Break

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Unless you have a specific reason to travel or just really fancy going somewhere, kicking off your research for the next short break can be a little like finding a needle in a haystack – where on Earth do you start? We put some questions to 4,000+ lovely customers* to see what decisions they make when it comes to narrowing down the search. Here’s what the results said…


Where it is

Unsurprisingly, the most important factor when starting their search was the location. Whether it’s a coastal break, countryside escape or cosmopolitan city break, we’re very lucky to have lots of options in the UK for the type of trip we’d like to take. From big cities like London to peaceful retreats like The Lakes, there’s a great variety of destinations being booked every day.

How much it costs

The price of a break almost always dictates where you stay and how long for, so trawling through the many websites and price comparison offerings is often worth the hassle. 23% of participants admitted that price is the leading factor when comparing short breaks, so luckily for our customers we keep our short break offers up-to-date and offer loads of great added extras – from attraction tickets to afternoon tea, free river cruises to shopping vouchers!. There’s also our added extras for our Destinations of the Month just to sweeten the deal – don’t miss out on September’s free canal cruise in Amsterdam.


What style of accommodation you prefer

Once you’ve decided on a location, thoughts turn to what type of place you’d like to stay in. When asked to choose six accommodation styles they’d consider, country (58%), luxury (57%), beach (51%), spa (42%) romantic (41%) and historic (36%) came out tops with our participants. 10% of people also wanted somewhere that would let them bring the family pet along, too! Often it’s whatever’s available for the budget, but we’re definitely on-board with the luxurious option.

What’s included?

With so many places to choose from, many seemingly styled in exactly the same fashion, your choice can sometimes come down to what the hotel is offering in terms of facilities. For me it’s all about the room, as most of my time is spent outside of the hotel anyway, but our customer had other ideas. Restaurant (75%), parking (66%), Wi-Fi (66%), bar/lounge (62%), air-con (50%) and non-smoking rooms (48%) we’re all things that sealed the deal in the survey, and 2% of people asked wanted to make sure their hotel had a golf course!

What things do you think about the most when booking a short break? Let us know in the comments section below if you agree with the majority, or if there’s something we’ve not even considered then tell us about it!

*Of the 4,035 people who completed the survey, approx. 60% were aged 45 – 64 years. Survey was completed in August 2015.

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