17 Worst Anniversary Gifts

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Just when you think you’ve heard it all…

We recently held a competition on our Facebook page to find the worst examples of gifts our fans had received for their anniversary, to celebrate the launch of our new Anniversary Collection of short breaks.

Among the entries, saucepans, ironing boards and vacuum cleaners were the most popular – we don’t remember any of those appearing in the list of milestones! What is it about practical gifts? Does ten years deserve a drill set?

The winner of our competition bagged a 2 night break in the Lake District with her entry, but there were so many other gifts too funny not to share…Read on and let us know what you think is the worst gift in the comments below!

1. Sausages

Debbie D “A packet of sausages! He thought it would be funny! There was 10 sausages in the packet as it was our 10th Year of wedded bliss!”

This winning entry from Debbie had us all in fits of giggles. What a porker of an idea.


2. De-Icer

Elaine S “Our Anniversary is in December, so one year I got 3 cans of de-icer as an Anniversary present!!”

We’re assuming this gift had a frosty reception.


3. Saucepans

Janet B “Saucepan set – and not even non-stick”

No one appreciates battling a fried egg that won’t budge Mr Birkin.


4. Denture Dishes

Linda S “His and hers china denture pots!”

If he had any teeth left before, he won’t have now.


5. Driving Gloves

Luana W “Just when everyone around me was whispering about a potential proposal… I received every woman’s dream… driving gloves.”

This gift drove Luana round the bend.


6. Toilet Seat

Julie P “A toilet seat!! We had just revamped the bathroom…..romantic or what, lol”

He must have gone potty thinking up this idea.


 7. Step Ladder

Becky P “My mum got a step ladder one year from my step dad so she could ‘reach her cupboards’! They’re divorced! Lol”

Never mind reaching up high, this gift stoops to a new low.


8. Cheeseboard

Andy H “A cat shaped cheeseboard. No logical reason why, I’m not specifically a cheese or cat lover. Needless to say, I don’t love her for her present buying abilities.”

He was cheesed off with this gift.


9. Bed Sheets

Emily J P “Single bed sheet – we’ve got a king sized bed!”

We’re assuming he was sleeping on the sofa after this blunder…


10. Utensils (and Lingerie, obviously)

Mellissa W “A potato peeler, a dish scrubber and saucy underwear – think he wanted me in the kitchen or bedroom! Now he’s the ex”

He liked her in the kitchen or the bedroom, but he’s in the dog house.


11. Football Tickets

Helen C “My hubby arranged a weekend away, got kids sorted, told me to pack warm clothes. Where did he take me? To watch Liverpool V Arsenal at Anfield!! I hate football, he of course doesn’t. I didnt even get a pie at half time!!”

Helen was pied-off with this faux pas.


12. Oven Tray

Liz D “A pizza tray! Not even joking, and he was well chuffed with himself!”

One word… dough!


13. Bunch of Roses (sort of)

Gloria S “after spending months growing perfect roses, my hubby who forgot the anniversary all together sneaked into the garden an returned with a lovely bunch of my faves leaving the bushes bare” 

Steer clear of the secateurs Mr Sturgeon. Gloria’s not afraid to use them.


14. Blind Cleaners

Kimberley M “Vertical blind cleaners; I didn’t have vertical blinds either at the time…”

It was curtains to their relationship after that.


15. Ashtray

Jane B “Has to be a revolving ashtray – no-one in the family has ever smoked!!”

We’d be fuming with this gift.


16. Earrings

Abigail C “hoop earrings from my husband when I didn’t even have pierced ears”

No really, you shouldn’t have.


17. Foil-Wrapped Ironing Board

Jules B “I received an ironing board from my husband on our 25th wedding anniversary!!”

SuperBreak “Oh dear Jules! Poor you! Was it silver by any chance?”

Jules B “No but he did go to the effort of wrapping it up in tin foil!”

Presentation counts for nothing Mr Bowley.


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