15 Things the Rest of the UK Should Thank Wales For

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The 1st March is St David’s Day, and it’s got us thinking about all of the lush things that Wales has brought to the rest of the UK.

1) This popular TV show

Nessa Gavin and Stacey

Ok, this isn’t a Welsh production, but the popular BBC comedy Gavin and Stacey wouldn’t have been half as charming without the Welsh conglomorate.

2) A slew of child opera stars

At just 15, Bangor-born Aled Jones was the angelic voice behind the single version of the Christmas classic Walking in the Air, first featured in animated Christmas film The Snowman. While in 1998, Cardiff classical crooner Charlotte Church released her debut album Voice of an Angel, aged just 12.

3) And adult opera singers

katherine jenkins

It seems Wales is packed-full with talented opera singers of all ages – must be something in the water.

4) In fact musical legends in general


Including the timeless Tom Jones and the icon that is Dame Shirley Bassey.

5) Plus, this Christmas classic

Which still tops the Christmas playlist every year.

6) Possibly the best children’s author ever

If it wasn’t for Cardiff born much-loved author Roald Dahl, we would never have experienced the joy of Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach, and the author’s many other popular novels.

7) Watching Wimbledon in the summer


Lawn tennis was reportedly pioneered by Welshman Walter Clopton Wingfield, deriving from the old Welsh game of Cerrig y Drudion. So we know who to thank when Wimbledon season rolls around and we’re tucking in to our Eton Mess in the sunshine.

8) This town name

Longest town name in Wales

Go on, try to pronounce it.

9) Maths, well part of it

find x question resize

Welsh mathematician Robert Recorde is the man behind the equals, plus and minus signs, and he is also the man to ahem… thank…for bringing algebra to Britain.

10) Stonehenge…possibly

Stonehenge in sunset
Recent archaelogical theories suggest that Stonehenge may have originated in Wales, with evidence being found to suggest that stones from the famous monument were first used to build a statue in Wales.

11) Finding your inner Tina Turner at karaoke

Singing scene in Bridemaids

Next time you’re rocking your favourite power ballad at karaoke, remember that it was Welshman David Edward Hughes who invented the microphone, which makes those Saturday karaoke sessions possible.

12)Drinking beer on your sofa at home

beer cans

The Felinfoel Brewery in Wales was the first brewery outside the US to sell beer in cans back in the 1930s.

13) Beautiful sunsets like this

A photo posted by Aleshia (@happyhunter12) on

14) Breathtaking views like this

15) And stunning landscapes like this

Yeah, it’s pretty lush in Wales isn’t it?

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