10 days to Eurovision!

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I know there’s still 10 days to go but I’m already super excited about Eurovision! It’s in Moscow this year on Saturday May 16th, and I’m really hoping that the UK entry – the lovely Jade Ewen – will do well. I was rooting for her all the way on the selection show last year and, while the song she’s singing isn’t really the style of music I like, I think it’s a strong number and we’re definitely in for the best shot we’ve had in years. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a peek:


However, as an ardent traveller, one of my favourite parts of Eurovision – apart from the crazy songs of course – seem to be the bits that everyone hates: the touristy segments in between each entry. You know, the short one-minute films that pepper the action, each concentrating of a different aspect of the country’s heritage. Last year, the show was in Belgrade and I think the clips shown of Serbia did a really great job of showcasing the most amazing sights in one of the world’s youngest countries.

I’ve been to Moscow once and I liked it a lot. Communication was hard as I found Russian quite impenetrable and the weather was very cold (I went in March). But I’ll never forget the first time I saw the onion domes on Saint Basil’s Cathedral – it didn’t feel real at all. They’re incredibly spectacular and it’s hard to believe that you’re actually seeing them in the flesh (figuratively speaking), rather than on a television news report.

I’d like to go back to Russia some day (perhaps after I’ve learnt a little Russian!) but it doesn’t look as though I’ll be fitting it into my itinerary anytime soon – not when there are so many other places I’ve never been to still to visit. So instead, I’ll have to make do with the clips of Russian attractions and heritage sites on Eurovision for the time being, even if they are as cheesy as usual! And if you’re planning an impending visit to Russia, I’d definitely suggest watching Eurovision closely this year.

Fingers crossed that our Jade wins this year. As much as I want her to win so the UK can regain some long-overdue Eurovision glory, I’d also love the exposure it’ll give the country if we were to host it in 2010. After all, we have some enviable attractions to be showcased in those between-song segments. My top three choices would probably be the Forth Rail Bridge connecting Edinburgh and Fife, the spectacular Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland and the striking Eden Project biomes in Cornwall – what would yours be?

Anyway, enough getting ahead of myself – good luck Jade!

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