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Superbreak are always on the lookout for guest bloggers who would love to share their passion for short breaks with our readers, so we reached out to Sarah and asked her to let us know all about her recent theatre break to Wicked.

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am thrilled to have been asked to “guest blog” for Superbreak! What an unexpected honour! I am 46 and have loved everything related to theatre for the last 32 years. I eat sleep and breathe theatre! To me there is no finer place to be than sat in my seat waiting for the show to start, it is an exhiliration that everyone should feel…at least once!

I was lucky enough to win a VIP trip to Wicked to say I was excited about this win is an understatement! Not only did the prize include 4 premium seats to Wicked but an amazing overnight stay at The Rubens at The Palace which was simply delightful!

Wicked The Musical tells the story of just how the Wicked Witch of the West became so wicked! It is a prequel to The Wizard of Oz but takes part before, during and after Dorothys arrival in Oz as most of the show is performed in flash back. The show starts with Elphebas’ apparent death and then the story unfolds…starting with the Elpheba and Glindas first meeting at college.

Rachel Tucker plays the infamous Wicked Witch of the West Elphaba with such talent and enthusiasm it is a joy to behold! Rachel came 4th in Andrew Lloyd Webbers “I’d do anything” but has found her perfect role and should surely receive an award for her portrayal?! Her voice is quite incredible and she thoroughly deserved the standing ovation she received.

Louise Dearman plays the Good Witch Glinda with such hilarity, I have to admit when the show first started I thought her voice was  tad annoying, but soon realised that this is part of her character and I eventually found both characters very endearing…for different reasons. Louise is extremely talented and has amazing comedic timing.

Wicked is basically a love story where both girls fall for the same man – Fiyero! Mark Evans was Fiyero, he played the role with real humour and was so camp I could not imagine Lee Mead interpreting the character in the same way I really enjoyed his performance. The wizard is Clive Carter and I loved his portrayal, he was so much more believable than Michael Crawford in the current production of The Wizard of Oz.

The set was simply incredible with all the effects we have come to expect of a West End Show. Our seats were classed as premium seats and were in Row G of the stalls. I was a little concerned as I had heard bad reviews of these seats being not offset and with little rake. I should not have been worried as even my 9 year old had a clear view (with 2 booster seats available from just inside the entrance to the theatre). The queue for the toilets at the interval was horrendous and this is the first time that I have seen so many people coming back to their seats after the second half had already started! My advice is to go before the show starts as you will not want to miss a single moment of this incredibly entertaining show!


2 responses to “Wicked Review – Guest Blog

  1. Oh! Thanks so Much! Ive seen The wizard of Oz Musical and loved it and was planning to see Wicked The Musical next But now Im sure That I will book some tickets to see it! My Boyfriend will be happy he’s the one who dragged me to see OZ he had some middle front seats and we could see perfectly! xx

    • 9. Sarah

      Glad you enjoyed The Wizard of Oz, it’s such an incredible show. I think you will Love Wicked it really is a fantastic show 😀 you will have to let me know what you think.

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