WEST END DIARY – Chapter 2

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To The Lord’s West End Offices for the screening of the Final of the BBC’s “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” where we are each presented with goody bags containing baseball caps and Dorothy flags so we can cheer our own favourite towards the famous Ruby Slippers

A fine ending to a great contest, and the beginning of the road to stardom for just one of the finalists. I remained neutral throughout of course (apart from resting a four foot poster of Danielle on my chair). And there was the minor incident when I silenced one of Danielle’s detractors by putting a paper goody bag over their head. But apart from that…

On May the 16th I celebrated my 29th year in the West End (second only to The Mousetrap) and in all that time I have seen only a handful of performers with the potential of Danielle*

Here’s looking forward to a great career on the Musical Stage

Danielle as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz

That was my second visit to Oz last week, the first was on Tuesday to see the fantastic new cast of Wicked, including the hugely talented winner of the BBC’s “Any Dream Will Do”, the tousle-haired heart-throb Lee Mead.

Then the following day it was off to Enron to see their new cast, headed by the brilliant Corey Johnson as Jeff Skilling. Now you may well think that there is a huge divide between Wicked and Enron, but to me the world of Enron is every bit as fantastical as that of Oz.

The big difference being that Skilling not only made people believe in the fantasy world he’d created, he got them to invest their life savings in it

This coming Wednesday I am off to Arthur Miller’s on “All My Sons,” starring two of the UK’s finest actors, Zoe Wannamaker and David (Hercules Poirot) Suchet – and then it’s up to Manchester for the Tourism Awards (failing a Murder on The Virgin Express)

Regional theatre is a vital and rapidly expanding part of Superbreak’s Theatre Break programme, but before I click my heels and make a wish, remember…

There is no place like superbreak for the best in Wizard of Oz theatre breaks, for all the great West End Shows, and the best of Musical Theatre the UK has to offer

*I was of course much younger than Danielle when I started

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