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Theatre fans far and wide will know that Broadway’s ceremonious Tony Awards took place on Sunday, and this week we’ve been making many a song and dance about all of the past award winners.

Hamilton was the musical to shimmy away with the title this year, and with its intriguing biopic plot and rap-inspired discourse, this hip-hop and R&B musical is a new kid on the theatre block who we think is definitely here to stay.

We’re sharing our favourite Tony Award winners from the last 30 years, but who’ll be taking to the Superbreak stage and who’ll be taking a quick exit stage left?

1) Kinky Boots – 2013

Kinky Boots

One of the greatest West End shows of all time, Kinky Boots stole the Best Musical Award at the Tony’s in 2013 and the show is still going strong and wowing audiences today.

Why do we love it? – Inspired by a true story, the powerful story of Kinky Boots steals our top spot because the touching plot coupled with its catchy soundtrack, is the ultimate recipe for some feel-good theatre magic.

Kinky Boots is our Show of the Month for June, with ticket plus hotel packages from £99.

2) The Lion King – 1998

The Lion King

A roaringly-good show that’s now in its 17th year at London’s Lyceum Theatre, you’re guaranteed a colourful and vibrant performance which is based on the much-loved 1994 Disney film.

Why do we love it? – The music, the costumes, the set – we love it all! Everything makes you feel like you’re walking the colourful plains of Africa – The Lion King is a family favourite any day of the week!

3) The Jersey Boys – 2006

The Jersey Boys

Following one of the most successful bands of all time, London’s incredible The Jersey Boys tells the gripping tale of The Four Seasons’ road to stardom and all of the rock ‘n’ roll along the way.

Why do we love it? – It’s like a real-life time machine back to the 1960s with iconic 60s sounds such as ‘Bye Bye Baby (Baby Goodbye)’ – what’s not to love?

4) The Phantom Of The Opera – 1988

The Phantom of the Opera
The second longest running stage musical for a reason, Lloyd-Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera is a gothic romance between a pretty chorus singer and the mysterious Phantom, but there’s a tragic twist.

Why do we love it? – Suckers for a good love story, The Phantom of the Opera is a mesmerising theatre show which tugs at our heart strings with its deeply beautiful plot.

5) Billy Elliot – 2009

Billy Eliot
A heart-warming story about a young boy who dares to run the risk of disappointing his family by swapping his boxing classes for ballet lessons. Also featuring show-stopping music by Elton John.

Why do we love it? – Huge fans of the Billy Elliot film, we are absolutely besotted with the Billy Elliot stage adaptation as it’s an emotive, dance-filled journey come to life from behind the television screen.

6) The Book of Mormon – 2011

Book of Mormon
A musical following two Mormon missionaries sent to convert an African village, The Book of Mormon is comical, satirical and is jam-packed with plenty of side-splitting moments.

Why do we love it? – We love this theatre show’s quirky and controversial story. Nothing like it has ever been done before, and The Book of Mormon’s innovative story is truly inspiring – not to mention hilarious!

These are our six Tony-Award-winning favourites from the last 30 years! But what’s your favourite musical of all time? Let us know in the comment box below!

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