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Before you read this review you should probably know that my knowledge of theatre and musicals is generally limited. It’s always been on my list on ‘things to do’, but I’ve just never got round to actually doing it. Monday night was my first London musical experience and as a theatre newbie and wannabe expert, I can’t wait to give my first official review. So here goes…

‘You will love it!’, ‘It’s such a good musical!’, ‘The set is amazing!’, ‘I’m so jealous you’re going to see it!’…just some of the comments I received after announcing my excitement to see Wicked the musical. I had no idea what to expect, but all the positive vibes made me feel like I’d chosen the right show to start my new London hobby…and what a hobby to have!

Hopping off the tube, we made our way through the city’s hustle and bustle and over the road to London’s Apollo Victoria Theatre – this is where the excitement really began to build. Above the streets the green glittering iconic Wicked logo stares down at all the keen musical fans waiting patiently and excitedly to see this award-winning London show. Soaking up the atmosphere, I took my compulsory tourist pictures and hurried inside to take my seat.

As the lights dimmed down, the stage lit up with a colourful (green tinted) display of song, dance and truly magical entertainment. My first thought was for the pure talent standing before us. Flawless throughout, the actors and dancers on stage gave an awe-inspiring performance that left me astounded and overwhelmed from start to finish. The two female leads, Elphaba and Glinda dominate the show with powerful, funny and at times emotional performances that captivate the whole audience without fail.

The story itself is a behind-the-scenes take on the much-loved classic ‘The Wizard of Oz’. Described as the ‘untold’ version, the musical offers a new story of what happened to the witches before Dorothy came along. Why did one become wicked and the other good? Intriguing I think you’ll agree. It cleverly entwines the two tales with regular comical references to the 1939 film, which I think worked really well.

Wicked is definitely the grittier of the two stories with powerful enchanting songs and underlying messages we can all relate to. That said, the witty and funny performances from the actors, especially Glinda, do lighten the mood making for easy watching the whole family can enjoy.

Wicked the Musical at London's Apollo Victoria Theatre
It’s about start!
The magical stage scenery at the beginning of the show.

My only criticism? I like a catchy tune, and with exception of the spine-tingling song ‘Defying Gravity’, the rest I’ve quickly forgotten. I believe it’s the story combined with the spectacular set, colourful costumes and amazing performers that really bring the whole musical together. There’s something for everyone to enjoy and if green’s your favourite colour…trust me, you will love it!

So there you have it. My first London musical done and dusted, and it did not disappoint! I left the theatre that night feeling better for knowing the full story of Oz and eager to see more musicals – what more could I possibly ask for on a Monday evening?

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  1. Simon Harding

    and it has just been voted most aspirational musical by UK theatregoers PLUS they are going to make it a film PLUS it is still smashing Box office records! WOW

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