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Last week, two of our wonderful E-Commerce team ventured down to London’s West End to see brand new thriller play, The Weir. A contemporary twist on ghost stories and spooky goings on, The Weir offers a unique twist from the usual jazz hands and catchy tunes. Here’s what Robert and Steve made of the show…


Robert – Marketing Services Manager

On Monday night, I was fortunate to have the chance to see the West End play, The Weir which is currently playing at the Wyndham’s Theatre on Charing Cross Road until the 19th April.

The Weir tells the story of four friends in a traditional country pub in a remote part of Ireland. It’s the kind of bar for locals where nothing appears to happen from day to day, that is until the arrival of Valerie played by Dervla Kirwin. As the night continues and more drink is consumed the men start trying to impress Valerie with their tales of Ghosts and odd goings on in the village.

The atmosphere in the pub changes when Valerie shares her secrets and recounts a story from her past, a tale I certainly wasn’t expecting.

The cast of Peter Mcdonald, Risteard Cooper, Ardal O’Hanlon, Brian Cox and Dervla Kirwin were all excellent.

This is the first play I have seen in London and I wasn’t sure quite what to expect but I found the play to be both funny and enjoyable and also surprisingly moving. Definitely recommended.

Steve – Affinity Marketing Manager

I was fortunate enough to see the new West End play The Weir last week. I always think it’s a bold statement when a production has a static/fixed stage, minimal cast with no sound & lighting effects and no interval.  West End crowds have become accustomed to interchanging sets, multi-cast members with flashing lights and catchy tunes. Nothing wrong with that I hear you say.

The Weir does away with the above and instead strips it all back and draws you in with it’s superb acting and attention to fine, good old fashion story telling. You will need to be patient but in the end the pay off is worth it.
A play that is graced with fine actors such as Brian Cox, Dervia Kirwan and Ardal O’Hanlon deserves to deliver and it does.

The 5 actors on stage build an eerie atmosphere as each one tells their own ghost story and their own individual dark, creepy encounters. You are so encaptured by their performances that you believe you are watching in on 5 friends catching up in your local pub rather than watching a West End play!

The play sags just a little near the end, (an hour and 40 minutes is a long time to sit still for!) once all the ghost stories have been told and I was left feeling was this a necessary part of the play as it didn’t add anything more to the performance.

Overall a very different night out and one I would recommend if you like your acting served straight up with no bells and whistles.

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