Theatre Review: Miss Saigon at the Prince Edward Theatre

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SuperBreak’s Claire and Colin took a trip to the West End last month to see the highly anticipated return of Miss Saigon to the London stage. Read on as Claire tells us all about her evening in her latest theatre review… 

Miss Saigon first opened in London 25 years ago where it became an instant smash hit and travelled to over 300 cities across the world. Last month, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to see Miss Saigon at the start of its brand new run at the Prince Edward Theatre in London. I first saw it a few years ago on stage in Birmingham, but this London production is much bigger and bolder.


Miss Saigon is famously set in Vietnam during the war and tells the epic story about a young girl called Kim, who falls in love with an American GI, and how their lives are torn apart by the fall of Saigon. The whole musical is set against the dramatic backdrop of the war: from the bordellos of Saigon to the sudden evacuation of the American Embassy, to the aftermath of the conflict. Its set entirely to a musical score by the creators of Les Miserables, so it has huge amounts of passion and feeling which comes across from all the actors who play their parts brilliantly. The set and costumes are elaborate and dazzling, so the stage is filled in every scene. The most famous scene – ‘the helicopter scene’ – is fabulous. The sound and special effects are done so well that it actually feels like a huge army helicopter is sweeping down on you!

I think that it’s definitely a show for adults, I don’t think that young children would enjoy it or find it easy to understand. It’s a real romantic, tragic, love story, so it would be perfect for anyone who has a passion for musicals such as Phantom of the Opera or Les Miserables. It has a hard-core of fan base who come back time and again to experience the whole theatrical spectacle! Its a real quality performance from start to finish, and I know that it will be a fantastically successful show that people will really enjoy.

Have you been to see Miss Saigon in London yet? Perhaps there’s another theatre show you’re dying to tell us about? Get in touch using the comments box below. 

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