Guest Post: Mamma Mia! at the Blackpool Opera House Theatre

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Our theatre guru David, ventured out of London recently and headed up to the west coast in Blackpool to see Mamma Mia! as it begins its run in this iconic seaside town. Find out why everyone should be making a trip to see this epic musical in Blackpool this summer in his latest post…

“Attention All Shipping!” the show that launched a million hen nights has been sighted on the North Coast of England. Mamma Mia! is enjoying a twelve week run at the Blackpool Opera House this summer so I grabbed my dancing shoes, white lycra, bucket and spade and set forth for Euston, Preston, and beyond.

Not so long ago, Blackpool used to attract more tourists than the Greek Mainland and Islands combined, so there was a certain poignancy in this tale of a Greek Island wedding playing to a packed house in the world famous Blackpool Winter Gardens.  Go back a few years further and Blackpool would compete with (and outbid) London to attract the biggest names in show business to entertain the holidaying millions.  The cast at the Blackpool Opera House can certainly compete with any I have seen during Mamma Mia!’s 15 year run in London but there’s one big difference between those first audiences at the Prince Edward Theatre and those now selling out both the Blackpool Opera House and London’s Novello  Theatre…

Ever since the film of the show became the most successful British film of all time, Mamma Mia! has become much much more of a  “family” show – as evidenced by the chorus of six-to-sixty-year-olds singing around me the other night.   I remember very early in the London run, one West Coast Critic (USA not Lancashire) demanding that I “call Security” because the lady next to him was singing along to the show.  “I can ask her to sing more softly” I replied “But in my experience that only makes people sing louder.  Oh and I should warn you, they will be singing AND dancing in about six minutes – because it’s that kind of show.”

Mamma Mia! is STILL that kind of show, and the music of Abba still makes you want to sing, dance, and shake your shoulders down the aisle… or in my case along the sea front at full volume.

Will you taking your theatre break to the seaside this summer? Let us know by filling out the comments box below. 

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