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SuperBreaker Graeme took himself off to the West End last week to see this year’s biggest new British musical, Bend it Like Beckham. Here’s how he found the screen to stage adaptation… 


For those of you who want to see a theatre show that’s a little different, then Bend It Like Beckham is the West End performance for you.

Based on the 2001 film about Jess, a talented teenage female Indian footballer from Southall, West London, who has to choose between her love of football to follow in the footsteps of her idol ‘David Beckham’, or live up to her family expectations and traditions of getting married, attending university and having a good career.

Jess, who wants to make a compromise between her heart and family, finds many challenges come her way keeping both her friends and family happy. But with support and reasoning from her teammates and coach, she decides to play in a football match during her sister’s wedding (with her father’s blessing), to be seen by a top US scout. Jess then performs amazingly and scores the winning goal which earns her a football scholarship to a Californian university that satisfies her own and families demands.

The show throughout has high energy and colour, with a diverse range of cultural talents on display from Indian traditional singing and dancing to hip-hop with breakdancing, which all come together to show a united spirit within a community. With a light humoured, not too serious storyline used throughout.

For those who like traditional theatre then this one is probably not for you, however if you want to see colour, energy and light-hearted comedy all coming together on the West End stage then go see Bend It Like Beckham on your next London trip.

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