The Bodyguard Musical Review

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The Bodyguard Musical

Last week I was lucky enough to go and see The Bodyguard Musical along with fellow Superbreak blogger Jess. As we settled into our seats in the stalls at The Adelphi theatre, beaming with excitement for the show to start, a loud gunshot sound that echoed through the stage snapped us into concentration and (after letting out a little squeal) I was reminded of the sinister undertones of the iconic blockbuster. Somehow, I’d only remembered the romance side of the story but The Bodyguard is ultimately a thriller, with guns, stalking and intrigue galore.

The Bodyguard Musical closely follows the storyline of the 1992 Hollywood hit which, if you’ve never seen it (have you been living on Mars?), tells the tale of fictional songstress Rachel Marron (originally played by Whitney Houston) who is protected by bodyguard Frank Farmer (originally played by dreamy Kevin Costner) when strange, threatening letters start to appear.

After opening in London in 2012, the leading roles of Rachel and Frank have recently been replaced by soul singer sensation Beverley Knight and Casualty hunk Tristan Gemmill. For me, Beverley completely stole the show – I was a little bit disappointed by the lack of chemistry between the couple. I know they’ve only been appearing together for a short time but they just didn’t have the moody, lusty heat between them that Kev and Whit did.

Despite the lacking romantic tension, the classic Whitney Houston hits that were belted out brilliantly by Beverley added the emotion back into the show. My favourite performance was ‘Jesus Loves Me’ which, given the context of the plot (I won’t give too much away), brought tears to my eyes. Beverley’s rendition of ‘I Will Always Love You’ was definitely the overall highlight of the night, she really was mind-blowingly brilliant.

After the momentary sadness when Frank and Rachel have to depart at the end of the story (which was almost spoiled by the cheesy photo montage) the mood in the theatre reached its highest point during the encore performance of ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’. I know it’s a cliché to say that everyone was dancing in the aisles but they really were (myself and Jess included!). We had a really enjoyable evening and would highly recommend a visit to the show to witness Beverley’s amazing portrayal of Whitney Houston’s iconic role.

Have you seen Beverley Knight in The Bodyguard yet? Let us know what you thought below…

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