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Cast of Ghost The Musical

It was party time at the Piccadilly Theatre this week as some of our Superbreak team headed to London’s West End to mark a momentous occasion in the world of theatre. Pictured above, Superbreak’s Head of Theatre David Thomas celebrated with new stars of Ghost The Musical, Siobhan Dillon and Mark Evans, as our theatre break sales for the show soared through the £1,000,000 mark within nine months of the show’s London opening.

Ghost The Musical

Since Ghost The Musical opened at the Piccadilly Theatre it has received a string of rave reviews, including from The Times that gave the show 4 stars and called it ‘A dazzling display of undying love.’ OK! Magazine said the show is ‘A visual sensation that thrills, amazes and pulls at the heart strings.’

Adapted from the 1990 Oscar Award winning film, Ghost The Musical breathes new life into this classic story of love and loss. The show follows Sam (Mark Evans) and Molly (Siobhan Dillon), who are confronted by a mugger who leaves Sam dying in the street. Unable to leave Molly behind, Sam is trapped as a ghost between this world and the next and when he discovers that Molly is in grave danger he must do everything he can to find a way to help her.

Enter Oda Mae Brown, a psychic who claims to be able to communicate with the afterlife, but never has done. That is until Sam arrives looking for help and for the first time in her life she hears the dead speaking to her. Sam must convince Oda Mae to listen to him and try and get her to help Molly before it is too late.

About the show, our Head of Theatre David Thomas said ‘Ghost The Musical is a great love story. But it is also a great comedy. The show’s greatest achievement is the way it manages to alternate so deftly, and so effortlessly between the two. The brilliantly acted characters draw you into their romance, their passion, their saddest of stories… and then the show’s hilarious comedy lets loose the emotion in explosions of laughter.

Superbreak are delighted that everyone who has seen the show will have had a truly magical theatre-going experience as the centrepiece an unforgettable London break.’

With stunning acting and an heart-warming script it’s hard not to see why a million pounds worth of Superbreak show packages have already been sold. Ghost The Musical show tickets and hotel packages are available from Superbreak now from £96pp.

Have you seen Ghost The Musical yet? What did you think of this show?

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