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This month our Head of Theatre David Thomas was invited along to the uber prestigious Press Gallery Bar in the Houses of Parliament for a sneak preview of one of the West End’s biggest upcoming shows. He joined cast and writers of “The Duck House”, the hilarious new play that tells the story of the infamous MP’s expenses scandal. Here’s what he had to say…



For any of you that can’t remember the scandal, it involved a Member of Parliament famously claiming £1,650 for a floating house for his ducks, and a second claiming for “moat-cleaning”. Many others were found to have illegally charged for second homes.

I had last met Ben Miller at a Church in Islington, where he was rehearsing for his ruthless role of a Eastern European Assassin in The Ladykillers (a fantastic performance in a terrific comedy). I congratulated Ben on his meteoric rise from Hit-Man to MP (transferable skills no doubt) and then watched through tears of laughter as Ben and the cast gave us a taste of what’s in store at The Duck House


David got a snap of the cast line up including the famous
David got a snap of the cast line up including the famous


Written by comedy gurus Colin Swash (Have I Got News For You and Mock The Week) and Dan Patterson (Whose Line Is It Anyway? & Clive Anderson Talks Back) The Duck House has been a couple of years in the wings (no pun intended) as it was felt best to wait until the wave of public anger over the scandal could diffuse. For weeks on end the expenses scandal filled the news headlines, and one of the Telegraph journalists who brought it to light was actually our host at The Duck House launch itself.


“What a scoop” I congratulated him over a glass of red wine. “The only problem with a triumph like that,” I continued, “is next year The Boss will want something even bigger”. “You’re right,” he conceded, “And you just can’t follow it.”

The Duck House opens for preview nights at the Vaudeville Theatre on the 27th November with Ben leading an all-star cast including Nancy Caroll, Debbie Chazen, James Musgrave, Simon Shepherd and X Factor starlet Diana Vickers. Superbreak have great value theatre breaks including tickets to The Duck House

-But one word of caution: If you are writing to invite friends to join you on a break to see it, do watch out for typos”

The Duck House opens at the Vaudeville Theatre London available from 27th November. Top Price Tickets are on sale now from £110.50pp including 1 night in a 3* Hotel. (Price correct at time of publishing)

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