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Singin' in the Rain

Superbreak are always on the lookout for guest bloggers who would love to share their passion for short breaks with our readers, so we reached out to Sarah and asked her to let us know all about her recent theatre break to Singin’ in the Rain.

I must be one of the few people who have never seen The MGM film of Singin’ in The Rain! So, without knowing anything about the plot or storyline I took to my seat in the glorious Palace Theatre! I have never had a bad seat with Superbreak and this was no exception, it was one of the most comfortable theatre seats I have ever sat in!

Singin’ in The Rainย is a lavish and colourful production! Although I did find it a little slow to start with it soon became very entertaining. The entire cast were exceptional, so often the chorus (now called ensemble) are given little credit but in this show everyone has a chance to shine. Special mention must go to Scarlett Strallen who has a beautiful voice with a smile to match (the family resemblance to Bonnie Langford can clearly be seen!). Adam Cooper as Don Lockwood is very charming!

There was a great deal of humour in this show and most of the laughs were as a result of Katherine Kingsley (Lina Lamont) who plays the role with absolute perfection! I was also impressed with Daniel Crossley ย (Cosmo Brown) who has marvellous comedic timing.

The children who play the young Don and Cosmo are wonderfully cast as they actually look like both of them in miniature!

The scenes with the rain are quite simply spectacular! The cast seem to thoroughly enjoy kicking the water into the audience to give anyone in about the first 6 rows a soaking! It was great fun, visually stunning and caused much hilarity in the audience!

Singin’ in The Rain is a thoroughly enjoyable family show and would be enjoyed by all!

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