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When I was asked to go down to London to see a preview performance of Shrek the Musical I jumped at the chance. Shrek has always been one of my favourite films and I was eager to see exactly how this would play out on stage. With a top cast confirmed including Nigel Lindsay as Shrek, Richard Blackwood as his sidekick Donkey, Amanda Holden as Princess Fiona and Nigel Harman as Lord Farquaad, I knew I was going to be in for a treat and I wasn’t disappointed.

Two giant story books opened the show as we were introduced to Shrek’s parents as they sang him on his way to an unassuming fairytale world followed by Princess Fiona’s story into the tower. We were introduced to enchanting new songs from the fairy tale cast as they danced and sung their way through the story and the floor to ceiling scenery was amazing. Towards the end of the show the fantastic dragon that was controlled by puppeteers (with helpful tips from the fab War Horse cast) swooped down across the audience to huge cheers and the show ended on a huge high note.

The show is perfect for children old and young and it was great to see so many children enjoying the performance and singing along to the songs they knew. Unlike some adaptations, the story followed the film pretty well a few bits were added and changed to make it work for the theatre but they never took away from the flow of the musical. Nigel Harman as Lord Farquaard easily got the most laughs of the evening as he strutted around on his knees for the whole show, but the cast as a whole were fantastic!

Previews for Shrek started on the 6th of May  and so far the show has had nothing but fantastic reviews, I won’t give away any more of the story instead you should head down to see the musical for yourself!

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  1. Shrek and the Lion King are great (I’ve seen both), and he may enjoy them, but he’ll probably want to see somnehitg a little more adult. If so, he’ll probably like South Pacific- it has a lot of newer-sounding music, if he’s into that. A lot of guys at my little cousin’s school (they’re in the 7th grade) liked Jersey Boys- it has great music and plot for you and your husband, and a 12-year-old-boy jokes, too. I say Jersey Boys might be your best bet.Good luck, and I hope you have a wonderful time!

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