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In this guest blog post, our Superbreak team member Lynne Wright gives her review of a recent theatre break to see We Will Rock You, as the show celebrates its 10 year anniversary…

We Will Rock You

When I was first given the opportunity to see We Will Rock You, I knew I had to take it. My husband had seen the show a few years prior and fed back a disappointed review so I knew he was never going to take me, but I was intrigued and had to discover for myself what it was all about. Having now seen the show, I have to say, not for the first time in our marriage, my husband is wrong!

We Will Rock You celebrated its 10 year anniversary in the West End last week which should have been my first clue that my husband’s opinion was of the minority not the masses. After some initial scepticism of the show when it first opened there is no doubting that it has stood the test of time and its staying power can’t be denied.

We Will Rock You - London Cast

I knew very little about the show before watching it, but with a play-list of Queen classics including “Another One Bites the Dust”, “Somebody to Love” and of course, “We Will Rock You”, I knew it couldn’t be all bad. But rather than it being the music which won me over, it was the storyline which had the biggest impact. The same storyline that my husband felt let the show down. He just didn’t ‘get’ it. He isn’t an inner rebel, protesting against the ways of the world, daring to be different. Olly Murs is more his cup of tea. I think in order to enjoy We Will Rock You, you need a bit of an inner wild child waiting to escape. You need to embrace the concept of individualism and join the Bohemian Resistance in their battle against Global Soft’s computer simulated music and sing along in the fight to bring back real music! Only by embracing this symbolic concept will you go on the journey the show was written to take you on.

I would advise anyone who hasn’t already seen the show to book your theatre break tickets now. You need to see the world as it could be if TV talent show contestants continue to dominate the charts instead of real musicians, if computer-generated music replaces the strum of guitar strings and the banging of drums and if the world really does turn GaGa. Only once you’ve seen the show will you know whether you are an inner Bohemian and bring this fighting spirit back to the real world and help the revival of some good old fashioned, individualistic rock ‘n’ roll!

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